Emilie Autumn Lyrics

Show your face
Don't hide
Take off the mask now
Underneath is a deep dark secret
Take me for a ride
Upon your white horse
Take your love
'Cause I don't want to keep it

I am out of place
And honey you are out of Time
I'd tell your fortune
But the words don't rhyme

I'm not your chambermaid
You're not my lord
All the fine games we played
Have left me bored
I never want to see you come around my castle
'Cause I just can't afford to love you
I'm not your chambermaid
You're not my lord

Tell me what I have to do to make you
Understand it's a lost cause lover
Tell me while you're at it how it feels to
Hold me close when you've been thinking of her
I don't want to hear you say you love me
You've been gone such a long time
Won't you turn around
Before I have to see this
Face I once adored
Don't you see

I am out of place
And honey you are out of Time
I'd tell your fortune
But the words don't rhyme


You have no hold over me
What's in your cards now let me see
I hope you've got what you wanted
There's just one thing I know will never be


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Comments from YouTube:

Sakura 99

I can't get bored never of her songs! I love her like grimes

Emmanuel P. W.

I think Enchant is one of the most (if not the most) versatile albums I've ever heard. Chambermaid doesn't sound like How strange doesn't sound like Rapunzel doesn't sound like Remember doesn't sound like What if doesn't sound like Across the sky. One of the best albums I have in my room, and my favourite by Miss Autumn.

Jennacide Angel

I can't get enough of all her songs!! I'm seriously addicted to the magical miss Emilie Autumn. Happily addicted ;}

Darkwing Gray

She is my stronger drink and my better demons.

Jennacide Angel

Hey, I wouldn't want it any other way, Darkwing Gray 😉 I'm a fan and addict to miss Emilie from the cradle to after the grave 💀💋💀 hehe I can't wait to get my hands of her book, I guide for wayward Victorian girls!! Waiting for my bday to hopefully shred some paper and find that underneath lol 😈

Darkwing Gray

@Jenna Jenkins I can assure this is a long term relationship.

Vindicator Bitch

@Jenna Jenkins Same.


I love how this stands out as more glam rock as opposed to the more classical, jazzy, even hip-hop-y kinda songs on Enchant. :D

Jaz Benoit

I can't get enough of this song...

Cheyenne Rhodes

This, Juliet, and Marry Me have to be my top 3 songs by the lovely Miss Autumn!

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