Emilie Autumn Lyrics

I had you so close
And you didn’t even know
I cherished every turn
Of your voice
And thrilled when you laughed
And died at each offered word
Which meant you didn’t long to leave
And I tried not to seem
Too happy
You seem at home
In my darkness
And I love you
Because I know it isn’t easy
And you are so kind
Because you make me feel
Worthy of pinching

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For the people who don't know the last 3 minutes of the song is meant to simulate drowning because statistically that's how long it takes for a human being to drown.

Istorzmyr Do'Moriquendi

It's not exactly true. The cold shock in cold water lasts about 1-3 minutes. You can't swim, because your muscles cramp. When you break through the ice, you can die within 1-3 minutes, but you can survive more than 40 hours in water warmer than 26°C.

Steward of Autumn

Post site?


I lasted 2:50 second in that simulation. There is a website that simulates being stranded in the ocean and times how long you survive by how long and fast your scroll your mouse to promote life jackets.

Viola Gestalt

i didnt know that o.o


No one really knows why, but from what i've researched it sounds like a ripple effect. Women were having hard times at that point in time and when people were hearing about women killing themselves by drowning other women just choose to go that way. The most famous one is a 16 year old girl who was unidentified, because she had a smile on her face as if she was accepting death peacefully like she was happy that she was dying.

Nico Rizzo

MeganBaxter That's what this song is about.


I've actually heard that this song is talking about a mass suicide in France where women threw themselves into the Seine River. 306 women committed suicide in the river in the span of six years. One woman, appropriately called the "Unknown Woman of the Seine", was unable to be identified.

Heather Wheeler

9thalso that woman was supposedly used as the face of the CPR dummy.

Vedran Iljazović

@Rachel Fourie The Unknown woman of the Seine was so beautiful (she was believed to be around 16 years old) that the pathologist decided to make a death mask of her face that later became popular in France among the artistis like Albert Camus who compared her to Mona Lisa.

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