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If You Could Only Know
by Emilie Autumn

If you could only know
The hurt I feel
Each time I think of you
You might
Begin to understand
What makes a faerie cry
You couldn't quite believe
The reasons I would give
If you asked to be told
The nature of my tears
And so I told you why

If you could only know
How many times each day
I picture in my mind
The look
Upon your face
When you begin to laugh
Or how your eyes
Look sad
The softness of your hair
The beauty of your soul
And whatever I am
You are the other half
I cannot comprehend
How I could recognize
The one
I've waited for
The instant that we met
And have known since that day
While you are truly fond
And care I do believe
But would not take the chance
That alters suns and moons
And gave your heart away

If you could only know
How precious you’ve become
How all that I create
You still inspire so
You may begin to see
That I might be the one
For whom you were brought back
But if you never know
The chance will pass us by
And love will never be

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