If You Feel Better
Emilie Autumn Lyrics

If you feel better
Telling me I'm cruel
Saying I'm unfeeling
I don't mind
If it's necessary
If it helps you out
Crying that I'm heartless
It's alright

And I'm sorry to cause you so much pain
And I'm sorry to bring you down again
'Cause I've reached the end and I won't fight anymore
I don't know what you really want from me
But I don't fit in your reality
How can any man be so blind
But if you feel better
I don't mind

If you feel safer
Keeping to yourself
Placing trust in no one
I won't cry
If it calms your conscience
Making me the guilty one
Take my reputation
Ain't worth much
And it's alright


Won't make me sorry 'cause I'm cruel
Won't hurt the feelings I don't have
Won't break the heart that isn't there you'll find
But if you feel better
Telling me I'm cruel
Saying I'm unfeeling
I don't mind
I don't mind
I don't mind

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Such a true song. People make themselves feel better by convincing themselves that they played no part in a conflict, when in fact they did.


LegendsGhostOfficial 100% my parents! Just for a little insight (without going into the long dragged out 27 intense years of history), I will give you a bit of insight of what sparked it and how it is now!...

...Ok, so basically, I was a premature twin and my twin brother was 100% healthy and I was born so blue they airlifted me to another hospital and thought I'd die! Well, as you can see I didn't! Fast forward about 5 months later and a "brilliant doctor" diagnoses me with "infantial narcolepsy" which my father the general physician doesn't throw in his face as "BS!" because the day an infant doesn't act like they have narcolepsy or insomnia is a dream come true, lol! My mother (at the time was either still a vet assistant or had already transferred to the NIH as a biology research scientist for 3 years and then quit working until she became a teacher in 1999...she royally fucked over my schooling but I won't really get into that except to say she left me with a teacher that she claimed to know was basically a SJW (well acted like white supremacist scum and said she had a better option after I dragged it outta her at 18!), got so stuck on the diagnosis that she has never really dropped it and basically took it as "gospel"! Actually, they both did and claimed due to me being a premi with sleep issues it was "assumed/a safe bet (I was going to have more health issues" and so the ONLY WAY to make sure I was well cared for was by putting me in the care of a physician that worked at the same office my father worked at and then they both eventually took over (by "both" I mean my doc and dad took over and maybe one other doc of the small primary practice)! All because they "assumed" due to some BS sleep diagnosis and then me having ZERO health issues for the most part except a noticeable writing disability and my feet and hands not growing at the same rate as the rest of my body or age range which can be common with premature children! My first health issues besides those were in fact diagnosed by my second school (elementary school...went to different pre-school unattached to my first primary school) and were a compromised pencil grip due to it being difficult do hold one between my thumb and second finger due to it cramping too much and a writing disability called dysgraphia. My parents, even though these issues were only noticed by dad at home and yet he brought them up at the doc using the medical terms and talking like the doc he was vs. the conversations actually seeming to be more "simple talk" (AKA as in a conversation between a parent that may have no knowledge of such terms and just say "writing issue" and "why isn't she as big as the others?!" and the actual doc giving them the "info" in layman's terms vs. them both using the "big language" my doc and dad both knew like colleagues)! However, dad claimed that my doc NEVER came to him except in the capacity of a doc going to a concerned parent that just happened to be down the hall!

Obviously, they were right about me having more "issues" with my health and thought this was the best way to monitor them but the most sickening thing is dad takes ZERO responsibility for putting meds in my body that caused his 10 year old to get heartburn and 1 1/2 years later acid reflux, forcing me on the pill at 17 due to some rumor started by the high school bully that I was screwing her ex in the hall when he and I were together and he was just hugging me from behind! (In my state you can legally tell anyone wanting to put you on birth control to go screw themselves but they took dad's word and that of the school's staff after they listened the known scumbag of the disability program with no other back-up reports and they didn't even ask me or the guy and he even knew the pill could cause extreme bleeding due to my other medications but said, "I had to take take it!" (due to my sensitive skin the patch was out and IUD's weren't as commonly used 10-13 years ago when this happened)!

The most sickening thing outta all of these things was they claimed they HAD TO lock me up at night vs. trying to figure out what my sleep issues were (the ONLY other time I had a sleep study according to my charts while living with them was at 7 years old when sleep medicine was still probably in as much of its infancy as when I was 'diagnosed' with my first sleeping disorder as an infant!), so I didn't wonder around the house and wake everyone up! They started prior to us moving when I was 12 with those door knobs with those tiny locks you twist like on a home bathroom! Then after the move, the issues got worse with my sleep and so did my health they used master locks vs. trying to diagnose and giving me a laptop to placate me when I couldn't sleep! The sickening part is, they claim it was for the "benefit of the whole family and they don't ever acknowledge how disgusting it was! Now, my mom just expects me to instantly know how to be an adult when treating your kid like a "zoo animal" and claiming she didn't and what she did was the "best for her" should have been "enough to make me know how to navigate adulthood"! Everyone I tell this to just claims I am "placing the blame on them" and need to "claim responsibility for all of it"! When how could I when they started this at 5 months of age when I probably hadn't uttered my first word yet!?!

jennifer jessup

Emilie is just an amazing artist. Her music reaches into my soul.

Reginam Sequuntur Somnia

I'm fascinated and entranced by this song *sighs blissfully* I love how she can sing in so many styles c: her voice is incredible


Good music, smooth vocals. I feel better just hearing this song.


This song is so strong and clear...

Lilah E Noir - Author

Beautiful. I like that part of her music better than some of the more tense vocals.


Ms Autumn has done something unexplainable to my mind that has pulled me out of the enclosure of common human thought patterns!

Thomas copley

This song has such amazing blues vibes love it :)


Me encanta

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