Emilie Autumn Lyrics

She's locked up with a spinning wheel
She can't recall what it was like to feel
She says, "This room's gonna be my grave
And there's no one who can save me,"
She sits down to her colored thread
She knows lovers waking up in their beds
She says, "How long can I live this way
Is there someone I can pay to let me go
'Cause I'm half sick of shadows
I want to see the sky
Everyone else can watch as the sun goes down
So why can't I

And it's raining
And the stars are falling from the sky
And the wind
And the wind I know it's cold
I've been waiting
For the day I will surely die
And it's here
And it's here for I've been told
That I'll die before I'm old
And the wind I know it's cold..."

She looks up to the mirrored glass
She sees a horse and rider pass
She says, "This man's gonna be my death
'Cause he's all I ever wanted in my life
And I know he doesn't know my name
And that all the girls are all the same to him
But still I've got to get out of this place
'Cause I don't think I can face another night
Where I'm half sick of shadows
And I can't see the sky
Everyone else can watch as the tide comes in
So why can't I


But there's willow trees
And little breezes, waves, and walls, and flowers
And there's moonlight every single night
As I'm locked in these towers
So I'll meet my death
But with my last breath I'll sing to him I love
And he'll see my face in another place,"
And with that the glass above

Her cracked into a million bits
And she cried out, "So the story fits
But then I could have guessed it all along
'Cause now some drama queen is gonna write a song for me,"
She went down to her little boat
And she broke the chains and began to float away
And as the blood froze in her veins she said,
"Well then that explains a thing or two
'Cause I know I'm the cursed one
I know I'm meant to die
Everyone else can watch as their dreams untie
So why can't I



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I know it's about the Lady of Shallot, but this is what it's like with depression or social anxiety. Everyone is living without you, and you're just inside doing nothing. And them seeing someone you like, but you can't have them.

Joe Dirt

@BrigidsBlest7 Same here. I survive on apathy. Recently had a brush against all the things I can never have. I felt hope that was let down and I recalled what it felt like to fantasize about offing myself. Like pandora's box, a lil hope let all the terrible out and only served to remind me that the way I'm living is not good enough. I feel cursed.


Going on 10+ years of living that exact life now. Wonder how many more years before the mirror cracks?

Issy Sacristan

Growing up in an, at times, violent and unpredictable household, and constantly feeling unsafe anywhere outside my own room, I relate hard to this

[insert name here]

This aged well

Kaoru Takarai

And well, Emilie knows a thing or two about those.

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Listening to this while in quarantine during Covid-19 is a whole mood....

Flex Luther


Doan Tran Anh Thuc

I cant believe that there are people that still listen to this in 2020 this songs are gold

Nathan Cohorst

True that

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