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Reason for the Rain
Emily Barker Lyrics

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Rahul Purushotam

Tram wires cross northern skies
cut my blue heart in two
my knuckles bleed down tattered street
on a door that shouldn't be in front of me

Twelve thousand miles, away from your smile
I'm twelve thousand miles away from me
Standing on the corner of Brunswick
got the rain coming down and mascara on my cheek

Oh whisper me words in the shape of a bay
shelter my love from the wind and the rain

Crow fly be my alibi
and return this fable on your wing
take it far away to where gypsies play
beneath metal stars by the bridge

Oh write me a beacon so I know the way
guide my love through night and through day

Only the sunset knows my blind desire for the fleeting
only the moon understands the beauty of love
when held by a hand like the aura of nostalgia

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Holly Bobbett

Wallander brought most people here but shows how good the song is we all heard it and wanted to hear it again

Ko ala


(wallander too)

Endrit Shabani

I got this recommended on spotify not from the movie

Veštica Vaja

Recently, I've watched "Wallander" for the second time- it's priceless thanks to a mix of Emily's music, landscape and Branagh

Solange Campos

Tô me for the 20th


This song is a flawless mix of wistfulness, wounded dignity, and loneliness. Somehow the landscape and the song and "Wallander" are all a mutually perfect fit.

Emily Barker

+BigEyesSmallMouth thank you so much for your lovely comment 😊


What a discovery. Yet another 'thank you' to whatever genius paired this splendid singer with the emotionally-charged Wallander. What first got me hooked on that programme was my first sight of the minimalist title sequence accompanied by an incredibly soulful singer singing an incredibly soulful song. I still watch re-runs every Saturday night on British freeview.


Indeed. It was a class act throughout, right down to the intro titles. My only reservation was Wallander's boss who I thought said some pretty dumb things rather too often. But maybe that was the point. And the re-run finished on British Freeview last night when Kurt finally got somebody to sit with. I liked that the closing credits gave a slightly extended airing to 'Nostalgia' and I'm going to miss it.


Good programme matched with beautiful music....after a while i suddenly realised i was watching the programme and listening to the music.

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