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(I, I wanna grow up, too)

Uncle Marshall
Will you tell us a bedtime story?
Here we go

Now, once upon a time not long ago
There was a little rapper about to blow

But his album came, and it was not good
I think it went lead or double copper-wood
So the silly little fans, they were misled
By a nerdy internet computer hip hop head
"Me and you, Clef, we're gonna make some cash"
"Grab this silver paint and just paint my ass"
Hey, mister, would you care to bear witness to
The ass-whippin' I'm about to administer
To this ass-kissin' little vaginal blister?
Stanibus, little Marshall Mathers' sister
And in this corner, we have the "Mr
Not-Havin'-It," it's the Mad, sinister
Dr. Evil, with his bag of tricks for
This little antagonistic faggot
Dick-sucking ex-LL Cool J fan from Windsor
I'm 'bout to murder little Kenny-Fag-Kaniff-sta
You bastard, I ain't wanna have to diss ya
Canibus, where the fuck you at? I miss ya

Canibitch, oh, Canibitch
Wherefore art thou, Canibitch?
Please tell me what happened with
That style that you were rappin' with
Canibitch, oh, Canibitch
Are you from Los Angeles
New York, or just a janitor
From Canada? Oh, Canibitch

Now, at first, I ain't really understand this shit
Picture me, for a second, and imagine it
Chillin' in the Bat Mansion relaxin' when
All of a sudden some bullshit comes across the scanners, it's
Canibitch, on some "Stan Lives" shit
It creeped me out at first, man, this is sick
But me, bein' just as sick, this conflict
Gets my dick harder than arithmetic
And I know how you jealous ones envy
I shoulda knew better from the first few letters you sent me
The first two letters, you were tellin' me shit like
You respect me, like any other regular MC
The third letter, you asked how come I ain't return
None of the messages at Shady Records you left me
The fourth letter, "Slim, you're really startin' to upset me"
The fifth letter told me you were comin' to get me
The sixth letter, there's a bomb threat on our building
This crazy motherfucker's really tryna kill me
So I went back and read the first few letters that said
Some shit about a message you left
Oh shit, that's not a E, that's an A
This dude wants to leave me a "massage", he's gay
Right away, I'm on the phone with Dr. Dre
"We got a bogey," "Marshall, I'm on the way"

Canibitch, oh, Canibitch
Wherefore art thou, Canibitch?
Please tell me what happened with
That style that you were rappin' with
Canibitch, oh, Canibitch
Are you from Los Angeles
New York, or just a janitor
From Canada? Oh, Canibitch

So, in two seconds flat, Dre's at my crib
Only thing is, we both know where this kid lives
And neither one of us have Canadian citizenship
"Shit, oh, Dre, wait a minute, that's it
All we gotta do is use a bit of turbo-boost
We can fly over the border" "let's go" (whoosh)
So we're off to Toronto and we're gainin' speed
"What was that? Oh, Jermaine Dupri"
"Fuck it, keep goin', no time to waste"
"Wait, back up, hit him one more time, in case"
"Okay," fuck, now he's draggin' under the car
"Oh well, only thirty more thousand miles"
Meanwhile, me and Dre are tryna conversate
Just tryna find a reason for the constant hate
And tryna figure out what happened to "Germaine Propane"
"He couldn't have fell off that hard", ain't no way
What happened to the way you was rappin'
When you was scandalous?
That Canibus turned into a television evangelist
Plus, he raps with his regular voice
"What was that?" "Pet Shop Boys"
So, we pull up to the bridge where he last was spotted
His corpse was still movin', but his ass was rotted
And he kinda smelled a little like Courtney Love
I figured if I stick him with a fork, he's done
So I stabbed him twice, kept jabbin', Christ
He won't die, this guy's like a battered wife
He's like Kim, he keeps comin' back for more
But he won't fight back, I cracked his jaw
Hold up, 'Bis, quit foldin' up
Punch me in the chest, make my shoulders touch
Do something, at least one punchline
Come on, 'til the meter reads Nine, Nine, Nine-
Ty nine percent of my fans are blond
'Bis, come on, answer me, man, respond
Tell me 'bout the sun, rain, moon and stars
Intergalactical metaphors from Mars
Raw to the floor, raw like Reservoir Dogs
Bite another line from Redman's song
Suddenly, the stub of a dead man's arm
From a midget reaches out from under the car
It's J.D., This motherfucker won't die, neither
Dre starts sprayin' him with cans of ether
We swamped the bitch in it, stomped the bitch again
"Compton" "Detroit, bitch, talk some shit again"
"Stomp him" "Switch feet" "Stomp him" "Switch again"
"Dre, all right, he's dead, dog, quit kickin' him
I think Stanibus jumped off the bridge again" (ah)
"Damn," "He disappeared, yo, he's gone, he did it again"

Canibitch, oh, Canibitch
Wherefore art thou, Canibitch?
Please tell me what happened with
That style that you were rappin' with
Canibitch, oh, Canibitch
Are you from Los Angeles

New York, or just a janitor
From Canada? Oh, Canibitch

Overall Meaning

In Eminem's song Bitch, the opening lyrics are a voice message from a person named Zoe to Justin, expressing her disgust towards Eminem's music. Zoe mentions that Kelly did not ask her to call, but she listened to Eminem in her car and found it to be the most disgusting thing she has ever heard. She goes on to say that she wants to call Eminem's agent and let them know how disgusting he is, and that it makes her upset and even nauseous to listen to his music. These lyrics can be interpreted as a commentary on the controversy and backlash that Eminem has faced throughout his career for his use of controversial and offensive lyrics.

Line by Line Meaning

Justin? It's Zoe
The speaker is addressing Justin through a phone call or text message, and the person on the other line is identified as Zoe.

Um, Kelly did not have me call, however
The speaker acknowledges that they are not calling on behalf of Kelly, despite the fact that they are about to criticize a musician that Kelly may have connections to.

I just listened to Eminem in her car
The speaker listened to music by Eminem while in the car with Kelly.

It is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard in my entire life
The speaker found the Eminem song they listened to to be extremely repulsive and offensive.

And I seriously wanna call his fucking agent
The speaker is so outraged by Eminem's music that they want to take action and complain to his representative.

And tell them how fucking disgusting he is
The speaker intends to inform Eminem's agent about the offensive and inappropriate content in his music.

It, like, makes me upset
The music has an emotional impact on the speaker, causing them to become upset and distressed.

I'm now nauseous and I can't eat lunch
The speaker's physical response to the music is so severe that they feel sick and cannot eat.

The speaker ends the conversation or message, possibly because they need to attend to the symptoms caused by Eminem's music or because they feel they have made their case.

Written by: Marshall Mathers

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