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Eminem Lyrics

Em, it's Paul
Joel just called me
And he told me you're in the fuckin' back, behind his studio
Shooting your gun off in the air like it's a shooting range
I told you not to fuckin' bring your gun around
Like an idiot, outside of your home
You're gonna get yourself on trouble
Don't bring your gun outside of your home
You can't carry it on you
Leave your fuckin' gun at home

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Written by: Marshall Mathers

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


He wrote his most successful pop song on the set of 8 mile??


I’m a massive Eminem fan, have been my whole life...
But what??
Fans are in awe because the greatest rapper alive wrote a rap while on set of a movie?

What an absolute waste of 5 minutes this clip is

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Slim JayD

This is why I hold so much respect Eminem. His passion for music is just, wow. that's what makes him so inspirational

joshua ha

and it wasn't just Lose Yourself, he wrote all his tracks/verses from the soundtrack while filming. In an old interview Em said he would literally sit there and write right up until the director was yelling "Action!", then he would run over there lol

Arty Munoz

Okay thanks

Talent Mvurumutiya

Eminem is someone you get only once in a lifetime, we are blessed to have witnessed his genius

Will Darden

We're also blessed to still have him here with us doing what he does best!

seda kabaca


So Caz

exactly ma guy

Amos Shamutete

This is why Em is the GOAT to me. Not just because of how dope his music is, and not just because of longevity, but the raw passion and dedication he has for the craft even 20 plus years into his career.
Stories like this prove it 💯

Patricia Saluti

Raw Passion and talent. Comes from Within

Jo Pac

This generation of rappers missed that part.

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