Paul Rosenberg
Eminem Lyrics

Em, it's Paul
Joel just called me
And he told me you're in the fuckin' back, behind his studio
Shooting your gun off in the air like it's a shooting range
I told you not to fuckin' bring your gun around
Like an idiot, outside of your home
You're gonna get yourself on trouble
Don't bring your gun outside of your home
You can't carry it on you
Leave your fuckin' gun at home

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Marshall Mathers

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Comments from YouTube:

Tyler Smith

.... Shoulda let him do the interview with his feet up..


For reals!

He’s like a little kid when he’s with Paul. As a fan, I’m very thankful that he has someone like Paul in his life.

matthew mann

Gave us Em himself, Proof, Bizarre, Kuniva, Swifty, Kon Artist, Obie Trice, 50 Cent, And Yelawolf

Debbie George

Paul & Em have been together for 21 years!


Eminem's longest relationships with:
HipHop>Paul Rosenberg > his mom> Kim
In that order

Rasmus Rönkkö

How does he look so so so different nowadays like damn it's almost like it's a different person


Where do I find the full English version that used to be up that was deleted?

no.1.shady. memes

@Eden thank you!!

Natalie Smith

Thank You Rose! I'm a mega fan of Marshall's! I love him beyond the moon so it meant alot to me for me to see this!! Thank You so much for posting!

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