Love Letters
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Love letters straight from your heart
Keep us so near while apart
I'm not alone in the night
When I can have all the love you write

I memorize every line
I kiss the name that you sign
And darlin', then I read again right from the start

Love letters straight from your heart

Overall Meaning

Engelbert Humperdinck's "Love Letters" is a beautiful love song that describes the power of love letters. The song explores how love letters keep two people who are separated close together. Humperdinck's point is that love letters keep him and his lover connected even when they can't be together physically. The song's opening lyrics: "Love letters straight from your heart, keep us so near while apart," set the tone for the rest of the song. Humperdinck conveys how these letters are capable of providing him with a sense of comfort and familiarity, even when they're not together.

Furthermore, the lyrics of "Love Letters" express how Humperdinck feels about the love letters he receives from his lover. The lyrics "I memorize every line, I kiss the name that you sign," tell us how much importance he places on these letters. For him, these letters are not just words on a piece of paper; they are the embodiment of his lover's feelings and thoughts. Every word in these love letters is a treasure for him. The song emphasizes the power of love letters and how they can have such a significant influence on someone's life.

Line by Line Meaning

Love letters straight from your heart
The letters you write to me, expressing your love, bring us closer together.

Keep us so near while apart
Even when we're not physically together, your letters remind me of our love and keep us emotionally connected.

I'm not alone in the night
Your letters provide comfort and companionship even when I'm alone in the dark.

When I can have all the love you write
Your letters are filled with so much love and emotion that I feel like I have all of your love with me.

I memorize every line
I study and commit to memory every word you write to me, because they are so valuable to me.

I kiss the name that you sign
I show my love and appreciation for you by kissing the name you sign at the end of each letter.

And darlin', then I read again right from the start
I treasure your letters so much that I often read them over and over again, starting from the beginning each time.

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Comments from YouTube:

Cristina Martinez Gonzalez

La mejor versión está en esta bellísima voz de Engelbert.

Lily Viterbo

A very beautiful version of this song! Anything with Engelbert becomes fantastic! Thank you Engelbert, sir! 😍😍😍👍👍👍

Éva Szál

Thank You Bel, fantastic, very BEAUTIFUL song. 🎶❤️❤️♥️♥️

pa Leland

Beautiful...he has such a beautiful tone to his voice...hard not to know it's him when he starts singing. None better!

Candy Alvarez

Algún día lo tendremos en libro,y reconocer lo grande y maravilloso que fue ; nosotros hemos estado en su proceso de vida profesional. Admirandolo y siendo inmensanente felices con su voz y su presencia. GRANDEEE!!!

Sagrario Pereira Dominguez

Engelbert: Nunca me canso de oir tus canciones. Soy tu fan desde 1968. ¡ Gracias!

Anna Molla

Love letters, uma das mais belas melodias de todos os tempos! Engelbert, certamente a mais bela voz do planeta! Ótimo vídeo! Belo Engelbert! Amo e agradeço!
Anna Maria - SP Brasil

Helen Edmonds

Very beautiful, as all his songs are!!


The best version of this song I've ever heard. What a crooner! One of the all-time best!

Kathleen Weppler

@Gert Henriksen you’re right. Engelbert says he’s not a crooner. Not that he has anything against crooners, he loves them. But he’s not one of them

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