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My love, the days are colder
So let me take your hand
And lead you through a snowhite land
Oh oh, oh oh

My love, the air is older
So let me hold you tight
And while away this winter night
Oh oh, oh oh
I see the fire light in your eyes
Come kiss me now before it dies

Chorus :
We'll find a winter world of love
'Cos (for) love is warmer in December
My darling stay here in my arms
'Til summer comes along
And in the winter world of love
You'll see, we always will remember
That as snow lay on the ground
We've found our winter world of love

Because the nights are longer
We'll have the time to say
Such tender things before each day
Oh oh, oh oh

And then when love is stronger
Perhaps you'll give your heart
And promise me we'll never part
Oh no, oh no
And at the end of every year
I'll be so glad to have you near

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Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Engelbert Humperdinck's song "Words" convey a message of enduring love and warmth during the winter season. The singer expresses a desire to comfort their loved one during the cold days, symbolized by the reference to the days being colder and the air feeling older. They offer their hand and vow to lead their partner through a snowy landscape, providing a sense of protection and reassurance.

The imagery of the firelight in their partner's eyes suggests a sense of passion and intimacy, urging them to seize the moment and share a kiss before the fire dies out. The chorus emphasizes the idea that love is particularly special and comforting in December, and the singer implores their darling to stay in their arms until the arrival of summer. The "winter world of love" becomes a metaphor for the enduring bond between the couple during the colder months.

The lyrics further emphasize the significance of the winter season in fostering deeper connections between lovers. The longer nights provide an opportunity for intimate conversations and expressions of affection, creating a tender and loving atmosphere. The singer expresses hope that this time together will strengthen their love, with the possibility of a deeper commitment and a promise of never parting.

The song concludes with a sense of gratitude and contentment, as the singer expresses joy at the prospect of having their partner by their side at the end of each year. The repetition of the chorus reinforces the theme of love and warmth prevailing even in the coldest of seasons, symbolizing the enduring nature of their relationship. Overall, "Words" conveys a powerful message of love, loyalty, and the ability to find solace and happiness in each other's presence, especially during the winter months.


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