Smell Of Desire
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Je ne dors plus
Je suis folle.
Je m'abandonne
(I can't sleep anymore
I am crazy
I am letting myself go)

Je ne dors plus
Je suis a toi
(I can't sleep anymore
I'm yours)

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In nomine Christi, Amen [Repeat: x6]
(In the name of Christ, So be it [Repeat: x6]

The eternal flame will always burn
Feel, understand, and learn

Overall Meaning

The song "Smell of Desire" by Enigma is a tune that combines both French and Latin lyrics, giving it an exotic and mystical aura. The lyrics of the song are quite simple and straight-forward, yet the delivery of the message is cryptic and open to interpretation. The singer utters the words, "Je ne dors plus, Je suis folle, Je m'abandonne" which means "I can't sleep anymore, I am crazy, I am letting myself go." It shows the singer's state of desperation and surrender to her own desires, possibly relating to love or lustful thoughts.

The next line, "Je ne dors plus, Je suis a toi" translates to "I can't sleep anymore, I'm yours," indicating a possible surrender to someone's seduction. The use of French instead of English in the lyrics adds an extra layer of allure and fascination to the song. The last part of the song features the repetition of "In nomine Christi, Amen" in Latin, which means "In the Name of Christ, So be it." This phrase could be interpreted as a form of confession, asking for divine forgiveness for the singer's actions and desires.

In conclusion, the lyrics of Enigma's "Smell of Desire" present a message that is both intense and emotionally charged. The French and Latin language used adds to the overall mysterious and enigmatic nature of the song. The lyrics express the inner feelings of a person who has abandoned themselves to their carnal desires, and is seeking absolution from a higher power.

Line by Line Meaning

Je ne dors plus
I can't sleep anymore

Je suis folle.
I am crazy

Je m'abandonne
I am letting myself go

Je suis a toi
I'm yours

In nomine Christi, Amen
In the name of Christ, So be it

The eternal flame will always burn
The fire of passion never dies

Feel, understand, and learn
Experience, comprehend, and gain knowledge

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Comments from YouTube:


There's something hauntingly beautiful, sensual & mystical about this ENTIRE album!
I personally rank it as Michael Cretu's finest Enigma work as it's stood the test of time decades later.
It still resonates deep in 2023 as it did upon its release so long ago...🤩🤩


Possibly his most moving, haunting song--a soundtrack for an infinite number of moments, sad, elated, bittersweet. This song is to Enigma's other music what Enigma's music is to other artists. It is exponentially Enigma.


This is mystical, wonderful, elustruous, divine. Not sad.


A classic masterpiece of seduction, wonder, and mystery. One of my favourite Enigma tracks, hands down.


No music better to clean your soul and find your inner I(voice) than Enigma. Thank you Michael Cretu!


That guitar solo in the middle and at the end is one of the greatest pieces of music in the history.
Love this song so much. Le Roi Est Mort is my favorite album, this song is top tier.




Another amazing guitar solo you'll find is in "I love you I'll kill you" turn up the bass, turn up the volume and sit back to that, my friend. Amazing!


@@karleaboo Oh, yeah! Now, I consider that solo at the same level of Pink Floyd's solo on Sorrow (Pulse Version). Just magnificent!


​@@karleaboohell yeah

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