The Braying Mule
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"Now you can get the marshal."

Latosha Warren


doom slayer

@Giglio Nero sheriffs are like the chief of police except instead of managing the town or city they manage a county its a very rural area type thing like Wyoming and texas and are elected like mayors or governors marshals go after warrants that are bigger then regular police force but aren't exactly FBI level and the FBI go after what is called federal crimes like attacking government representatives or property terrorism monet laundering and things like that

Giglio Nero

What difference are there between marshall, sheriff, policeman, federals (fbi) and ranger? In Italy we haven't all this similar police corps, but only polizia (State police) and carabinieri (State military police with civil police functions).
Other "police" units are guardia di finanza (State police of economical and business crimes), polizia penitenziaria (State prison's police) and polizia municipale (local police, with aministrative function and control. They aren't ministerial's units as others units, but comunal units, with reducts law power) :)

Flare Fox


Tashunka Suarez

DESTR0YERv2 lol 😂

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Italo Medel

I think Dr. King Schultz is the best character on this movie

Latosha Warren


Bilal Ceviz

I think so👍🏻

šimon games

And his horse Fritz too

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