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The Ecstasy of Gold
by Ennio Morricone

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Aiden Gorman

Me seeing my dad finally coming back with the milk after 10 years

Nuklear Scorpio

Doesn't fit it all unless you want to shoot your dad? Low iq post.


And the pack of smokes.

Paula Brumfitt


Aiden Gorman

Trevor Smith I think you’re the racist considering your assumption that I was joking about black parents. You are the racist

Aiden Gorman

Trevor Smith it wasn’t racist until you made the assumption I was making a joke about black people and their fathers

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Gf: “Daddy can you pass the salt”

You and her father reach for the salt

Willius Libert

Bruh dude you made me laught and now i feel bad

Luka Marinov

Ro bloody fl

Снежный Джони

the whole town reach for the salt

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