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Mentally Dead
Enosis Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Ghost of Bill Cooper

How can we be sure that a fungus hasn't taken over Paul Stamets body to promote the ingestion of fungus? hmmmmm....

andres hernandez

@Tony Olen x

Midnight Churning Sprite Shaqueesher

join us mr cooper, come into the light, we are the hivemind 0_0

Gregg Naughton

@Dave take some mushees and watch it again! Worked for me

Gregg Naughton

Simple...sample them and find out. Fungi always answers the right questions!

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I love Paul Stamets. Such a bright and interesting person. I wish the world was more knowledgable on fungi and he’s a great source of knowledge on them.

Sean Hammer

Joe: "What if you gave the Cordyceps DMT?"

phantom samurai

@Filip Grabovicanovic it's a drug

Filip Grabovicanovic

@Sean Hammer Well believe it or not. I just finished a movie abt zombies, so i went to do some research and i ended up watching this video :D

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Jo Po

Weird. I was talking to my cat about Parasitic cordyceps fungus just this morning.

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