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The Moon And The Sun
Enosis Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'The Moon And The Sun' by these artists:

William Onyeabor I know You are the moon that shines in the…

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Comments from YouTube:


This is good for anyone who never learned this before. I would like to have seen the names flashed on the screen as they were mentioned.

In fairness, can anything 6 mins long be thought if as "in depth?" This is a brief, initial overview, little more than their names.


This is great, but I would love to see a very detailed version of this.

Kay KartiKing

You explained it so nicely without creating any confusion. other vids are kinda confusing!
anyway...want more videos from you! 😍😍😍

Brian Bathory

Very awesome video, really well explained... Is there anywhere I can read more in depth about this? Haven't found much on the internet, just wikipedia... And that doesn't help me that much hahah

Lalawmpuia Tinthe

Thank god another channel after my own heart.... May you "live long and prosper" :-)


You know you have issues when your Gods are drawing straws to figure out there problems.


Me: *sees the title where it says titans*

Action figures collections

The Titans and the Gods they both Look alike Well they are related, this is very Interesting.

Xavier B

very good work

Mythical Factory

MMA X thank you!

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