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Cosmic Ratio
Enrico Sangiuliano Lyrics

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A good track needs at least 3 things to be really good (if you dont take in account the genius of the producer) :

1- A nice kick, paired with a nice drumline. Those two will affect your heartbeat. You'll be sync with the music.
2- A nice bassline, with good and deep variations. This one will affect your guts, your bones, all your insides. You'll be vibrating with the music.
3- A nice melody, simple, or more complex, it doesn't matter, as long as it works. This one will affect your mind, your soul. You'll be taken away by the music.

That is, my friends, the way you get people to make one with the music.

And this track does it perfectly. <3

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Techno is so beautiful nowadays. It is like new trance. Every real fan of electronic music must love that.


@Enes Takmaz Everyone is being so nice to each other! This is not what YouTube comment sections are supposed to look like XD

Enes Takmaz

tbh its not new trance, the feelings u have when u feel these type of tunes is very similar to the ones u had with the gold era of trance --- this is my opinion btw, i would be wrong! :)

Joaquim Méndez

@Pieter Behaeghel Big Room ("House") and Techno (this case, Melodic one) are two separated genres. Makes non-sense relate those therms.

You can call it 'Mainstream' Techno, but these tracks doesn't get the amount of attention that Mainstream Electronic Music.

It's not Underground, It's not Mainstream... Whatever. I especially wanted to clarify the first thing.


As an old trance fan (not todays) I can agree more also the progressive house is taking another dimension nowadays


No. Techno is pretty good these days. But trance in his Best era for me is something perfect, unmatchable.

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Slobodan Kuzela

Adam & Ida Beyer closed their set on EXIT festival with this one. Heavy!


Sometimes I cannot describe how great I feel by hearing these sounds!!! Great! Again!

Atakan Özen


M Brontë


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