Enshine Lyrics

Alive, yet only born to dream
Like a legion of man-like machines
Away from all organic source
Just pieces of lies
Pretending to be

Unexpected sparks closing the link
Collapsing my binds, releasing me
Now wide awake, willing to feel
There's nothing left to control me

Looking through the windows
To see only space, and countless stars
Wandering cell to cell
To find only clones of my own kind
Synthetic souls forged of flesh and iron scars
Are we all slaves?
Who are we dying for?
Opening doors, unlocking frames of our past
Requesting for my name
Searching for the facts
We're not alone
Out of this place, I feel your eyes
Observing my escape

I just want to know...
Who made us all?

Tell me
Were we dead or free
Were we stolen from your memories
Did you think you were gods
When you started erasing our will

I remember being human
Right before my homeworld reached
I recall you burning entrance
I recall desperate shrieks

I retake my life
I reclaim my legacy
Now the vultures are gone
Time to retrieve our genesis

I will breach your horrific walls
I will avenge our destiny
And into the cosmic ocean
Finally rewrite the prophecy

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