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by Enter The Haggis

My hand stopped her cold from its place in the air
But it lingered a while in her hair
To whisper remember me
And I'll still walk away while behind me she'll say
You can only go so far before
You start coming back to me
And pretty soon I've got my hands in the hive
And Delilah is shaving her head
To prepare for millenial things
The day is coming
When Bacchus will follow us, don't be afraid
His women have joined the parade
To dance for perennial kings
Who the clones of our collective unconscious
Thoughts will bring

You say that you spoke to the priest
I pray you didn't mention me
I can't be forgiven until I've acknowledged my sin
You say Rome wasn't built in a day
But it crumbled for centuries
And I can't put my trust in the ways of the just
For it's justice that's thrust us into this mess we're in

I'm holding my head, it all happened so fast
I'm holding my tongue, cause I know it won't last
I'm holding my wrists, I'm denying my past
And I'm holding my breath, you can turn on the gas

Cause I'm holding my breath, yes I'm holding it but all these
Omnicidal urges are stronger than I
I'd almost think someone was having some fun with me
Yanking my strings 'till I curl up and die
You think I am weak 'till your strength starts to go
And you reach for my hand as I take to the sky
My father I've waited and awful long time for this
Rot in your labyrinth
I have learned to fly

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