The Stars in Spring
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- Start homework
- Put on Epic45
- Life is less stressful

David Skinner

they should be as big as Pink Floyd but knowing Epic 45 all they care about is making great music and they dont give a toss who likes them and who gives a shit,the best band iv ever heard,thank God we have them, love u guys thanks for all the wonderful music so far !!!!!


Thank you your kindness...thank you...

Quentin ASMR

I feel so alone to listen to this kind of music , but when I see the comments
(Sorry for my english)

Catur Tri

My best mood before starting a day. Playing this song again and again


Both song & video are pure poetry! Cheers from France


So beautiful happy to know that this piece is 23 years old:')

Deep Singh

I really don't understand y this music is so should be in everyone's playlist....what a peaceful head is like thousand pounds lighter now...


My alarm ringtone since 2012.

санчо леон

@-- давно нашел иногда слушаю напоминает просто об одном периоде жизни

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