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Love Patience & Time
by Eric Bent

I believe in the power inside of my heart
God is the source from whom we're never apart
No challenge too great and no cause too small
This infinite love is inside of us all

[Verse 1]
My buddy, Greg lost his leg serving time in the desert
Sitting drinking, thinking of things he couldn't do no more
Took a while for Greg to smile, but I heard he's doing better
He just won a marathon, second year in a row

Oh, there's a storm that you're gone have to ride in your life
Hope is the beacon that saves when you're lost in your life
Just hold on and you'll go with the tide

Love, patience, and time
And it won't take long, till it's gonna be alright
Love, patience, and time
That power is strong in your heart and mine

[Verse 2:]
I knew a girl, a pretty girl, but her daddy never loved her
She wondered why every guy left her out in the cold
What Daddy did she must forgive, before her heart grows colder
And all the love she's dreaming of, maybe then she will know
Yeah, we've got stories and people to blame for our lives
No, don't get lost in that circle
Don't you know that's a lie, the only way is to leave the past behind

[Chorus: x2]

There's so much more inside you and me
That the world needs to still believe
Nothing's too great for this God and me
Keep in mind love and life
Everything is gonna be alright

[Verse 3:]
Grab a gun, everyone, said the leader of many
We've got to kill to change the will of the other side
Some people swear that blood and fear will bring the world together
I believe that all we need love, patience, and time.


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