Flood Water
Eric Bibb Lyrics

Flood water spreadin' all arround (2x)
People everywhere tryin' to make higher ground

Many met their Maker in a watery grave (2x)
If your neighbour had a boat, well ya mighta been saved
Mighta been saved

Bibles floatin' in the water, had to leave it all behind (2x)
Sister had a vision, church paid her no mind
Paid her no mind

People straddlin' their rooftops –
Water reachin' to their kness (2x)
Heard the preacher holler, "Lord, Lord, Lord
Have Mercy, if You please!"

Don't you know, it rained, Noah, where were you" (2x)
Cows couldn't swim, drownin' two by two

Flood water far as my eyes could see (2x)
Nineteen hundred, twenty-seven never leave my memory
Never leave my memory

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Comments from YouTube:

Ann Johnston

This could have been written last week or month! Love this song!

giampietro cerolini

Wow .......my God!!! What a voice!!!!!!


He's taking the music and making it his without tampering with the age of it. It sounds like it's from the 1930's or 40's. Son House is smiling.

rose gregg

Love this guy. Reminds me of a young Taj Mahal!

Abdel Akim Adjibadé

@Phil Wilson I love how you describe Eric Bibb.

Phil Wilson

Younger by only a little. Eric Bibb is 68. His father, Leon, was a famous folk singer and Eric must have been no stranger to Woody Guthrie, Odetta and Leadbelly. He is a living remnant of a lost time.

Tui Karetai


Sigrid Marie Refsum

I just come back to this, maybe the sense of the pandemic ..
Anyway, Eric Bibb is a wonderful singer.

Martin Sherman

Like Eric Bibb, love his guitar work, but the harmonica player needs a little credit here!


Still relevant 2021

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