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"Clear is better than clever."
- Rob Pike

"You should be thinking about writing simple clear code rather than trying to make the cleverest, densest stuff you can."
- Rob Pike

In the talk above, even she has trouble trying to explain what the hell she is on about.

Randall Mitchell

@fingesso imho you do seem to know the content well. Thanks and this was a good intro to Hexagonal for me.

i would like to challenge the notion that the point of DI/IOC is "to keep changes local". That is true for DI, but not true for IOC.

I like the explanation of IOC in Clean Architecture. It gets at the WHY we should use IOC. Uncle Bob actually sets up the interactor (application) layer as the core, most independent layer in Clean Architecture. That is where business rules live. When the core then needs to change it is b.c. of a change in business rules and other layers must fall in line. It is important that the Interactors are completely independent b.c. you don't want a change in, say, how the API adapter is defined to cause the Interactor layer to change and end up having a knock on affect to yet other things that depend on the Interactor layer.

The architecture helps drives maintainability through this inversion. When something "less central" needs to change, it won't have impact on more central layers that impact a greater share of the system. The same seems to apply for Hexagonal, except that the domain is the core of that system.

Also, maybe you misspoke that "if the domain needs to change, you shouldn't really need to change the outer layers" Better would be "if implementation details within the domain need to change, ...", but that is probably more of a distraction in that part of your presentation. By definition, changing the interfaces declared in the domain will require related outer layer adapters to change.

- Just another aspiring systems architecture student seeking knowledge and happy to have my understandings challenged.

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Janac Meena

Great talk for a beginner like myself. Thank you.

Bruno Canongia

Nice talk. Thank you.
I'm a go newcomer and learned a lot with your beer review repository.

Elisabeth Anderson

Enjoyed this talk and interesting to see these patterns applied to Go.

Angelo Trozzo

Hexagonal was good when was taught about it, big monolithic applications. Using in in a real microservice architecture feels like a massive overhead.

Bachar Saleh

Nice talk ,but I have heard this explanation more than 5 times by different speakers. It's better to add something more valuable to the talk than repeating.


very interesting talk, the only bad thing is that the constant camera changes are very distracting


too much talk and no code


@Ganeshdip Dumbare thank you very much

Ganeshdip Dumbare

I have implemented service using hexagonal architecture here, maybe will help you-

Andrew Shatnyy

Any way these concepts can be explained with a real life scenario? This all reminds me Russian University so much high level abstract maths but no concrete example ruins the subject for many engineers. I appreciate the idea walkthrough but it still missing the application :(

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