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Gymnopedie No.1
Erik Satie Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Leche' Flandre

Fun fact:
Satie hated it when people would just stop what they're doing and just listen to his music.
As he intended the music to be "Furniture music".
Not really intended to be listened to, but to just enhance the mood of the place.
Often to be used in parties, friendly visits etc.
Explains the often dissonance and repetitive nature of some of the notes.

The hilarious irony of us listening to this for studying and sleeping.

Ismail Ahmed

It actually says in the description of the video that he only described his later 20th century works as “furniture music”, which is after the release of the gymnopedies. Which then lead people to later misinterpret it as gymnopedies also being “furniture music”.

André Delgado

I was near to death a few years ago and while I was recovering from severe illness I used to play this often.
Good times.


for cry

Trinity Skitz

Damn, so that's why his music fits the term "Ambiance" so well.


@CaeliRene speak for erik*

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Yuki Moto

@David me too lol


@Ramsey JT yessir it was in almost every yandere simulator video

Ramsey JT

@plumbum do you remember what video was it from?

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