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Gymnopedie No. 2
Erik Satie Lyrics

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I really love the Gymnopédies. But why on earth does the background painting need to be so creepy!!!

David Thai

Yeah I agree, let's just extract the audio and save it as an mp3.
No need to look at that horrific vision!

stephen francis

Ik like gnossienne makes sense but why this trio it’s the meditative one out of the two series


@Devin Kelly "I'm religious" you say, yeah I wonder what kind of religion are you into...

hito the living drawing

to me the picture goes very well with the music, because the music while as sad as Satie's other works has a more hopeful tone than many. With the picture and music together, I think it's supposed to represent the fear or disgust somone would feel when some rats summoned a specter in front of them, but also the hope that with the gift of the flower in its hands, it brings something other than suffering, maybe even companionship.


Lol ye

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i love the small melodic phrase at 2:15. you expect it to repeat or continue, but it never does. it's like hearing someone tell you they love you for the last time. the music continues, but you're left wanting--wondering--waiting.


Oh wow. You captured that perfectly

Antonia Long

As soon as I heard her playing this on the piano... I thought I want to walk down the isle to this then I read your comment and felt exactly the same way but in my mind yes he is saying I love you for the very last time because.... I don't need to hear those words from him anymore... I actually already know...

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Awesome comment

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