Eshon Burgundy Lyrics

Out out of every promise that you ever made me
You never ever ever seem to acknowledge drivin' me crazy
In the process of accomplishing profit
Gotta get in my pocket we can't talk unless you offer to pay me
Baby, time is money, that's what they tell me
If it ain't about dollars don't even bother hittin' my celly
Tryna get food down in my belly
Been tryna flood my chain
These bottles costing me money
Tryna maintain the perception of fame cause
If it seem like I got it I can get it
Not only the check but the respect that's coming with it
Then everybody gon' start askin' how I did it
And the collected thought I that I'm a boss about my business
Really, I did it as a result of my sickness
I'm sick of bein' addicted to the need to be forgiven
Why, if I wanna do it I'm a do it
They call it rebellion, I say the thought of heaven is stupid
I'm in control, it's my life
I'm tryna live it like it's an extended highlight
Plenty women, my cars are one of kind
My house big as a mall from the stars you see it fine
That's truly how I felt one time
Blasphemous, headed for jail time and hell time
Although I played with God He never played with me
Could've killed me in my sin but decided to set me free

Respect, power and money
Respect, power and money
Respect, power and money
That's what they tell me
Respect, power and money
Respect, power and money
Respect, power and money
They lyin' to me

Each one
Teach one
Pray for a brother
Cuz I been thinkin' bout the money to buy house for my mother
And I'm feeling desperate
In this desolate
If I could keep it a hundred
I'm huntin for a hundred grand
A hundred times
Pay me or just pay me no never mind
I done ran out of favors
As I waver in Lebanon
Ameri-con-summation every thing is a purchase
Money, power, respect, is speculatin my person
And they see me trynna make ends meet
If dollaz don't sleep, then me neither
I'm in deep
My wins low
Call Carl and tell him that my family matter too
And I'm too intuitive to trynna be not getting this loot
Notorious Jesus
Please us with ya thesis
On the back of a bill it say that "In God we trust"
In the back of my mind I know my belly is fully wicked
Wikipedia search me til I'm serving ya full admission

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