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Esinam Dogbatse Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I just finished my conversion and now I will be doing this! Thank you for the demonstration I can watch at home, Rabbi!


You make it seem so easy... It'll take me forever to memorize the prayer in Hebrew....




when pray it reminds me that i will always be Jewish and I love being Jewish : )




Shalom i am also Jewish


I am very interested in the culture and would like to know the significance of the meaning of the individual steps in the process of putting on the prayer shawl


I am a gentile believer in Yeshua, I was always drawn to the Tallit. I finally saved up my money and ordered one. Unbelievable..I felt the intense presence of the Lord, and when you throw it over your shoulder, you feel The Lord give the "enemy" a KICK in the pants.
Halleluia!! I highly reccomend a prayer shawl especially if you are a prayer warrior.


Best example yet I've seen......


I m n hindu & I love Jewish ✡️️culture. It's truly great. Love from India to my all Jewish brothers & sisters

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