Heaven Sent
Esthero Lyrics

I came and saw you left the light on
There was no one home at all
Couldn't wait to get your clothes on
Shouldn't come around to call on you

The taste was sweet and you delivered
I didn't know I would feel so high
Well, I guess we didn't have to kill her
But don't feel so bad though
You looked her in the eye
And I watched her cry
And my mouth went dry
Everyone is going to have to die sometime

My mouth is clean, my hands are dirty
Heaven isn't on my side
Well, if it was, then she'd have hurt me
Didn't think this through

But, I didn't have the time
To perfect my crime
I drank my wine
Everything is going to be just fine

I don't know, I don't love, (you're alone, you're alone) I don't know
Anyone like me

I'm not heaven sent
I'm not heaven sent
But I'm broken and bent

My mouth went dry
As I watched her cry
Everyone has to, gets to die
But not on my time not on this girl's time
Fucked if it's my time (fucked if it's my time)
Not on my time(this is all fucked up)

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Esthero, Martin Daniel Mc Kinney

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Bill Roubanis

@Irene Veronica i read your comment and I had to respond:
I heard this song on NPR in the 90s while driving my car, and I was blown away! I could not get the track listing from NPR and could not figure out who performed it.
A beautiful teenage girl who I worked with and who had a crush on me for some reason (she was 18 and I was about 30) gave me a cd a few months later and said that I should listen to it, because I would love it.
All she knew was that I liked Massive Attack and Portishead.

It was this cd that she gave me: Breath From Another by Esthero.
With this song, that I had not heard again since that first time and was still hoping to find somehow.
The girl that gave me the CD died of a heroin overdose a few years after that.
I sometimes cry when I hear this song.
I am not making any of this up.

Bill Roubanis

@Lisa Dees Grace oh yes.
I have no qualm with your assessment of the lyrics.
They are much more than macabre: The song is clearly about a couple murdering an innocent woman for sexual thrills, and the woman narrating is describing herself as the remorseless psychopath who masterminded the crime.

It is a very creepy song, but that is what I liked about it: it was very edgy and disturbing.
I do not believe the singer is describing herself in the song.
I think she is acting out a part of a play, in a sense.
It is meant to shock people, not to reveal her personality.
The fantasy of the cold hearted killer is just a cool and powerful image at the time, because she is a WOMAN, and it is basically an answer to all the men who were somehow thinking that talking about being gangbangers and killers and mowing people down with UZIs made them look like real tough guys on their major label CDs.
So here is a woman, talking about a crime that should give any guy the creeps. This, following a dramatic opening track about a woman who cannot stop sexually compromising herself for the sake of the most disgusting of men.

I think Howard Stern likes her because she is exactly like him: she is a shock artist who does not have any problem being as bad a girl in her talk as is needed to get people's attention.
She and Stern are basically saying "why are these shock jocks and shock rockers getting so much attention, just for acting out roles? I can talk as crazy as you want me to, if that will make me a star. It means nothing. YOU are the one who is not getting it, if you think it is difficult to do this".

That is why this lyrical content appealed to ME.
It was controversial and reflected rebellious attitude.
And the music-trip hop, in general, especially with women singing, like Portishead- is simply beautiful to me.
If I thought that people like this woman really liked to murder innocent (or not so innocent) girls I would have zero interest in their lyrics and respect nothing of their work.
It is just like other kinds of art: I can love a good mafia movie, but real mobsters are repulsive vermin to me.

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Jason K

I've been trying to find this song for 22 years! Heard it late at night on MTV back when I was in middle school and couldn't remember the name. Finally found it!

Patricia Juárez Guerra

Me too.

Guy de Loimbard

@Antonio Washington She has a cosmetics line now, so he is still out there hustling.


Same. All I could remember was the video and vaguely the song and that I loved it.


Glad you found it thanks to MTV and her sister/cousin channel VH-1 I found almost every song I didn't know save for 2 that have no lyrics. I'm still searching to this day. But I'm also glad a channel called much music and fuse showed up later in my life when I no longer had time for Tv. I'd hate to have even more songs I couldn't find.

Antonio Washington

I totally agree. This song brings power to your soul. I heard this on MTV 120 Minutes "The Breakthrough Channel" that brings up and coming artist by stardom. I heard this when I was working at a small paying job when I was in my teens and this song comes to my head knowing who is this artist until now. We ought to know where is she now?

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Dru Viergever

Still listening in the spring of 2018. 20 years later. This is what a classic sounds like.



Ellis Bell

Hello Esthero 2021!


What a talent and treasure....too bad she never received the recognition she deserves.

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