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Right By Your Side
Eurythmics Lyrics

Give me two strong arms
To protect myself
Give me so much love
That I forget myself
I need to swing from limb to limb
To relieve this mess I'm in
'Cause when depression starts to win
I need to be right by your side

No one seems to touch me
In the way you do
Nothing seems to hurt me
When I'm close to you
I'm so full of desire
When you set my head on fire
I need to be right by your side

Every single one of us needs
Love, love, love
Everybody needs to give and receive love
Every single day can drag us
Down, down, down
But there's nothing left to fear
When love gets into town

I'm so full of desire
When you set my head on fire
I need to be right by your side

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Comments from YouTube:


Who else but Annie Lennox could put a line about "when depression starts to win" in a peppy song like this?  There's always that honesty, depth, and complexity in everything she does.

Marianne piiksi

oh yes 👍👍👍😘

Ralph Jackson

@fufufoofoo She reportedly had some kind of nervous breakdown between being in the Tourists and re-emerging with the Eurythmics,sad to say.


That's a really good Question !
BTY, Annie sometimes suffers from frpression

dona flynn

the best eurythimic's song ever

Tracey Scmidt


S Norten

Annie Lennox would make the perfect James Bond villain in that outfit


Rocking comment!, but Only visually, she was really a character.

Parnokarjo Parnokarjo


Indigo Bone

She would make the perfect James Bond! ;-)

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