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The Gairdner Child
Ewan MacColl and A.L. Lloyd Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

sandra morey

How missed is this man's beautiful rendition of the Child Ballads and his original songs. Luckily we have recordings. So glad I met him and Peggy when they were allowed in to the US after being banned. I'll never forget him.

red strange

@sandra morey ok
I figured that out pretty
Fast but thanks
I can t help you posting it either
I m not up in all this
You need a young person
They know how to do anything.
On theese phones
Thanks again so much
I look forward
To hearing
Your album
It sounds really cool
Just what I like
Folk songs
Ok take care
Stay safe
In Theese
Strange times
Are you in
North America
Or Europe?
Just curious.hioe you don t mind me asking
On such a public forum

sandra morey

@red strange You won't find any of my CD on line. It is 7 Scots ballads and 5 English folk songs and I don't know how to post it.
If I ever figure out how, I'll let you know. But it is straight up Ewan's version. Sandi

red strange

@sandra morey really
So cool
Just noticed my last
Post was kind unreadable
So sorry
My grandad used
To take me every year to a Robbie burns night
Forget the date now
But in every year it was the same date
He was scotch and very proud of it
Brings back so many
Memories and feelings
About my youth and how I wasted my life and dissapointed
Them all
That's life though
You can t go back and fix anything
Everything and everyones
Different now
Long gone
Or forgotten
Thanks so much for your response
I really appreciate it
I ll check out your version of Hughie
I know it ll be good
Thanks again

I sing and write
Song lyrics as a hobby.
I never show anyone
But I have sung in public a few times
And of course at parties
Kitchen parties
We call em in
Canada here
Mostly just for myself
Now though
Helps keep me stay sane take care
And that no is so much

sandra morey

@red strange I, too, love Hugh the Graeme. When I was performing I often sang it and it is on my only CD. I have a complete collection of Ewan's recordings & a tune scribbled by Peggy to the daemon Lover on a cocktail napkin. Peggy is briefly on a YouTube
video parody of Whimowey Called Vote Him Away.

red strange

When I was a littlw kid my granda would take me very fond memorys for me song makes me cry me every year with the haggis peom by robbie burns and they d always play ewan n peggys version of hugh the graeme
Song makes ed cry now for the pat I wated n squandered


I can hear Bert Jansch giving a nod to Ewan hear.