Excessive Force Lyrics

Do you think I'm blind, do you see what's happening? I'm breaking the chain and I can hear the bones breaking. Built up anger erupts into aggression, and we're waging the war against the abomination. Acceptance, I don't want. Your friendship, I don't need. This plague surrounds us, I detest. We'll abolish the evil with our hostility. This is the real life, forget about what society taught you. Destruction will reign true, you fucked it up and your ignorance will cost you. Fighting for our rights, we want the truth and we're asking no questions. Violence is the key point, we'll take it back and we're taking no excuses. We're straightedge and our standards won't lower. Foul play is the way, your prejudice I abhor. For the victims we'll relinquish the bonds that hold us back. Line them all up, the time for lynching at hand

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