Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue
Exposé Lyrics

You should hear what they're sayin' about you
You should see the way they talk behind my back
They say that you found another and that you're gonna leave
But you wouldn't do that to me, so

Say it ain't true,
The things that they've been sayin'
They say that you found someone new
But don't break my heart (don't break my heart)
'Cause your baby never looked good in blue
Your baby never looked good in blue

In the mornin', starin' into your eyes,
Your eyes look everywhere, everywhere but mine (everywhere but mine)
And, darlin', I've got a feelin' that the tears are gonna start
And losin' you would tear my world apart, so


Tell me (tell me) you still love me
Show me (show me) you're still mine
Don't tell me there's somebody new
'Cause you don't wanna see your baby cry

No no no no no


[Repeat: x2]
Your baby never looked good in blue

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I was never a big fan of this song-never understood what it meant. But I have a memory connected to it. When I graduated HS, my parents bought me a ticket and paid for me to meet my biological parents. This song was playing at Lambert/St Louis airport when I boarded the plane. Most meaningful present I EVER got in my life. Made me love and appreciate my parents. They gave me my wings.

Bill Graper

@renees When she says "your baby," she's talking about herself. He found someone else, which made her "blue" (sad). She's saying she never looked good in blue. It was written by one of the greatest songwriters ever (Diane Warren). Sometimes Diane came up with different ways of saying things. "Un-break My Heart" is another one. 🙂

James Chong



your story so touching...I also never understood the meaning your baby never looked good in blue...

Brian Bozeman

Awesome song this brings so many memories to mind . They don't make them like this anymore Great sonund!!!


I remember my high school prom.
My crush danced with me, and this song was playing.
It’s a sad song but I have fond memories of my prom because of this song 🙂


Back then you really had to have talent to make it unlike today's crop of artists.

O. Enders


tebandeke vincent

Wama u hv a taste ov music

Vivs Leigh

One of the best girl groups of all times. Luv then!!

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