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Exuma The Obeah Man
by Exuma

I came down on a lightning bolt,
nine months in my Mama's belly
When I was born the midwife
screamed and shout
I had fire and brimstone
coming out of my mouth

I'm Exuma, I'm The Obeah Man

Exuma was my name when I lived in the stars
Exuma was a planet that once lit Mars,
I've got the voice of many in my throat
The teeth of a frog and the tail of a goat

I'm Exuma, I'm The Obeah Man

When I've got my big hat on my head
You know that I can raise the dead
When I got my stick in my hand
You know that I am The Obeah Man
If you got a woman and she ain't happy
Come see me for camalame
Take that camalame and you make her some tea
and she will love you all the time
And when she got you running
like a train on a track
take some flour and you make some pap
that will give you strength in your back

I'm Exuma, I'm The Obeah Man

I've sailed with Charon, day and night
I've walked with Hougaman, Hector Hippolite
Obeah, Obeah, Obeah, Obeah's in me
I drank the water from the firery sea

I'm Exuma, I'm The Obeah Man

Tony McKay was my given name
given on Cat island when my mother felt the pain.
Creatures of the Earth, Space, Sea, and Land,

I'm Exuma, I'm The Obeah Man
I'm Exuma, I'm The Obeah Man

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Comments from YouTube:

Charles Snarls

The man at the little record store didn't have any Mothers of Invention records but he said we would like Exuma just as well- we did.

Bill Datz

"....When I was born, the midwife scream and shout- I had fire and brimstone coming out of my mouth..."

Timmy Tene

You're listening to DJ Timmy T and WBLS 107. 5 in Stereo in NYC 🎧

Bill Datz

+Bill Datz  nah nah nah nah nah nah- ...nah nah nah nah nah-

Bill Datz

Loved this song! I picked it out of the 99 cent bin, because of the cover- The record store didn't know how to categorize it- I think they tried to put in "Psycadelic calypso" or some such nonsense- love this cut!


Lol wow. I guess that category would fit. Especially when you don't know the origin. I'm from Exuma. The right category is Rake 'n' Scrape.

Christine Rabah

What cathegory is it now? Voodoo-priest I would say

marshall devine, jr.

Myself, man. I'm 56 years old. I never heard of Exuma until a week ago. This album came out when I was nine years old. I'm basically a hard rock and metal head, but I like some eclectic stuff, and when I came across this, I was blown away. Jumpin Jeezus Christ. I've been missing out.


Sounds exactly like "psychedelic calypso" to me.

Shanette Gordon

Paddy Scott hi this Kimarly Orville Kerr wassup

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