Seance In The Sixth Fret
Exuma Lyrics

Hand on quill
Hand on pencil
Hand on pen
Tell me spirit
Tell me when

Say, say for you to go to that gone race of man
of the past eight centuries

Michael Haite- 1654- 1698 Brownstone Street- Flanders England

John Dayton, 1691- 1754- six Fatham Road

Hilda Rollenting

Father needs you, your hand is made of gold
Tiny Caat was a friend of the Prayard Gartes of Fayx.
Jon say to go to Radion of the far west wall of
Eastern Goat and Gaul

Garlac Saatan- 1001
Go to the wall of the great Gad
Do not be afraid
Say lord of the wind, keeper of the seal
You must go to the head and the heart
Go to Marleet and Sircee, and Monnart and Ezuz

Say you to Jonath, say to sayayaath,
sonny, sonny, sonny, sonny, to, toot say Satan
Go away, I play my tooth to you satan
Say Soy sent you
Say I am the vessel of Charon

Tooth of soy, sayaath Obeah say sayaath said,
soothen and soote say 777
I am the God of Solomon
I am your God, you are my vessel
My dearest darling, It is terrible hell in hell
Watch out for the Grand Master
They are calling me, I must go
Martha Thomas of Wichatah
my Monday maan is Johnathan Halen
of Window Strolling, and he is far away
Darling Sandra of Willoughby St. Connecticut
I have not forgot you
I want to be with you again
I don't like being here, it is lonely
I meet all kinds of people, rich and poor, Hell is not good
Tot, tot my darling, I love you, they won't let me rest
God is not dead Bootleg tot, tot
My dear Samuel, I am only away for awhile
Tell the people to stop waring,
tell the people to stop shedding blood
Tell people to love
I am fading

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A great song to play on Halloween.

Peta Bulmer

Wow...I really will listen to anything! This was very strange, yet I'm glad for the experience of listening to this somehow.. um, thanks?

Chance Herbert


Chance Herbert



Very powerful

Lol Sick

@Utolso Nyoma ? Duh

Utolso Nyoma

for you

Alexis Guthrie

Thank you to anyone sharing exuma

Sooty Beauticool

Iove it