You Don't Know What's Going On
Exuma Lyrics

You don't know what's going on
Can't make the world go 'round
Here today, tomorrow your gone
You don't know what's going on

When the holy cow's milking
And the greenbacks are rolling
You are the king and queen pin
But when the greenbacks turn brown
And you fall down
Whatcha gonna do, watcha gonna do

Come go with me
Come take my hand
I'm going home
Come go with me

You can't change the night into day
You can't take the milk from the milky way
You can't take the sun from the sky
And you can't put the light in Ray Charles eye

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Thomas Walker

This song was featured in a film called JOE, starring Peter Boyle and Susan Sarandon. This was her first film. She went with her husband Chris Sarandon to his audition(the drug dealer role). He didn't get the part, but they liked her. She was cast as the dealer's girlfriend. Surprised this nugget was here because I only hear it when I watch this extraordinary period film basically NYC after Woodstock. Really unpredictable movie which I love. I saw this movie one night before I was cast as an extra for a film called In the Line of Duty Street Wars, starring Maro Van Peebles, Peter Boyle and Ray Sharkey. I had no clue Peter Boyle would be on the set. And the night before I'd seen him on JOE. I even told him. But he was busy with Ray Sharkey. They knew each other from a remake of Baby Doll. Ray Sharkey died of HIV not long after. I believe Ray revealed this to Boyle. He gave me a look I'll never forget.

Evan's Gate

Peter Boyle gave you the look?

Cubensis Records

Shaman from the islands! Long live the spirit of Tony Mckay!

Michael Ruffin

Good shit. Yea, I watched Joe not long ago. I really liked it so I had to watch it a couple of more times. I’ll have to check more songs out by these guys.


This song is amazing. I really appreciate this particular style. Very unique. Awesome record Exuma I.

Guido Vranken

Amazing tune!

Manuela Muñoz

How beautiful :')

Ruby Night

this song live would be amazing

Electric Dream

Share and like!!!!! Plz subscribe!!!!!

Electric Dream

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