How Eye One The Write Too Think
Eyedea Lyrics

I'm here to break my own ball and chain
Hoping the ?? to be completely sane
Nothings to gain if image blocks the only chance for change
When I expand my range the world shares it's judges
But don't think music defines my care
These songs ain't me, they're just documentations of momentary thoughts
Nothing's set in stone just because it's sold or bought
Your expectations need a catergory of placement
But a renasance man sits nowhere particular
Every seed is vacant to a song writer, comedian, ??
actor, author, emcee, carpenter, producer, engineer, shit talker
Hustler, musician, architect, businessman
student of the seed and human being if you give a damn
No matter what side you see it's only one side
No matter how much you think it means, it's just one side
My depth is only as shallow as time and space
This is just one of my eternally changing...

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Comments from YouTube:

james sterling

Eyedea is one of the most lyrical rappers to ever walk this earth hands down.


rest In peace eyedea, never met you . or seen you rock a show .. but your music forever lives inside my heart. love you man

God's _ Cocaine

This dude ain't human or he's more human than all of us

Bash Em!

Vinyl Lover doom isn't on his level... lol his beats are Ill

tecknowledjee aka Vinyl Lover

God's _ Cocaine I had the same pic as my profile pic.

tecknowledjee aka Vinyl Lover

Eyedea and Doom are gods.

God's _ Cocaine

+lisa karson Love you too😊

lisa karson

said so well...I love you


HOLY SHIT, did eyedea really produce this? One of the illest beats ever

Carnage The Executioner

DJ Abilities had absolutely nothing to do with the production/creation of this [email protected] karson

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