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by Eyes Like Diamonds

I've lost my mind
I've even lost control
Now I'm as stable as the ground
Beneath my feet

Put up, put up the fight
'Til the next day comes
We come to life
Hold on, hold on, do you remember
I love to give and lack to take

Leave it all behind
We'll start again
Erase the past
And the lessons
We have lived

Come up and rise

In case it didn't strike a vein
Are you losing grip?
In case my scars don't bare the truth

As the hope falls
Please keep me in line
And we will run and hide
Come up and rise
'Til the day turns into night

Oh, can you feel this?
We fight through this mess
To make a difference

Just let the past be the past
And let the future unfold

I've been stripped with disaster
You'll know I'm here
Keep me at a close distance
You'll know I'm here
Come to test the depth
I've got a feeling
I've got a feeling
That will burn with the sun
Burn with the sun

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