Come On And Get Me
Fabian Lyrics

Well, if you want me
Come on and get me
Here I stand
At your command

My heart is yearning
My lips are burning
Come on and get me

Well, if you want me
Come on and get me
Don't be shy
Come on and try

Don't hesitate
Cause I can't wait
Come on and get me

I feel just like a volcano
That's ready to blow
I want your loving kisses
Cause I love you so

And with every kiss
That you give to me
I'll fill your loving heart
With ecstasy

So if you want me
Come on and get me
Here I stand
Your loving man

I want your love tonight
Come on, it's all right
Come on and get me

Come on and get me
Come on and get me

Writer(s): Burt Salmirs, Wally Zober

Contributed by William P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Paul Joseph

Lusty Fabian. He did some gooduns. Tiger lover 🐯 . Good actor, all by the time he was 16.

John James

Proof you don’t have to be a good vocalist to make a recording. But you do need a good manager and marketing team.

My My

in the Fabe's case you just have to be out of this world great looking. Personally, I love the songs he did, including this one. But really, you don't have to realize it wasn't his singing ability. BUT, the songs he did sing fit him so well, it was great!!!!!

My My

Not very good singing but this song is perfect for him. Unfortunately he was just too damn good looking. Personally, I love the hits that he had! Unlike Paul McCartney who absolutely trashed Fabian for his talent. Without a doubt in my mind it's because Fabian was so good looking that Paul trashed him. Of course, you will not find that video of Paul making an absolute ass of himself trashing Fabian and Frankie Avalon. My guess is, and my guess is right!!!!! Is that the McCartney group/corporation whatever you want to call them had it removed, thus, buying the person out who had the video on youTube at one time. I know this, because I viewed it. Because anyone with common sense, like I did when I viewed it would say, "why in the world would McCartney trash Fabian and Frankie Avalon when he himself is almost a billionaire?" Because that was my immediate though! Oh yes, please and if by some "no chance" you see the video please respond!!!!!!!!!!

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