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Fucking Bitch
Fabian Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Fabian:

About This Thing Called Love Can a love so right Be a love so wrong Oh, does…
Abracadabra Als ik kon toveren dan vloog je met mij, op…
Apenas Esperaré a la primavera no volveré a pensar en ti porque l…
Got the Feeling Got the feeling, got the feeling, ah) (Got the feeling, got…
Hound Dog Man Hound dog man, hound dog man, I wanna be a…
I'm a Man Now when I was a little boy, At the age of…
Kissin' and Twistin' I used to kiss my baby Every time I took her…
String Along String along, that's all I am is just your String along,…
This Friendly World In this friendly, friendly world with each day so full…
Tiger Hey, lumpa sugar, you look kinda sweet Cuter than a baby…
Turn Me Loose Turn me loose, turn me loose I say This is the…

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Comments from YouTube:


Thanks to a certain someone, I recently got into Fantasy High (I've only seen Freshman Year, please no Sophomore Year spoilers in the comments!).

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Donn Smolik

@Carie Vietor Awesome! Took roughly 20 minutes but it actually worked!

Carie Vietor

dunno if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal account hack :D


zealda2396 not yet! i’ve only seen fantasy high season 1&2, but i do plan on watching the other seasons as soon as i knock out a couple more fantasy high animatics!👌✨


Have you watched the other seasons they are really good too.


I love how Fabian looks mildly horrified the whole clip.


"I'm like a full person, dude"
Fabian's "uh-huh" has the complete subtext of "that's debatable"


you getting into fantasy high is the best thing that's happened to me this week, this is hilarious, your fabian is perfect, and your animatics are always a treat! what a great thing to see at 2am haha! //patient chinhands for more bad kidzz


ToastyGlow OMG,😭😭💘 it literally means the world to hear this from you, thank you so much!!💕

dan g

I truly adore when Lou acts so polite and quiet with Fabian is so funny he really is just a little soft rich boy at heart

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