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Fabian Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Fabian:

About This Thing Called Love Can a love so right Be a love so wrong Oh, does…
Abracadabra Als ik kon toveren dan vloog je met mij, op…
Apenas Esperaré a la primavera no volveré a pensar en ti porque l…
Got the Feeling Got the feeling, got the feeling, ah) (Got the feeling, got…
Hound Dog Man Hound dog man, hound dog man, I wanna be a…
I'm a Man Now when I was a little boy, At the age of…
Kissin' and Twistin' I used to kiss my baby Every time I took her…
String Along String along, that's all I am is just your String along,…
This Friendly World In this friendly, friendly world with each day so full…
Tiger Hey, lumpa sugar, you look kinda sweet Cuter than a baby…
Turn Me Loose Turn me loose, turn me loose I say This is the…

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Comments from YouTube:

Fabian Renn

I'd like to point out that I answered the last question incorrectly: most architectures will ensure that the cache is coherent between multiple cores, i.e. if a cache line is written to by one core, another core reading the same cache line will see the updated contents. I stated in the talk that it could potentially see an old value - this is wrong on most common architectures. Sorry for the confusion.


The flow chart is a really nice summary of all the things to consider when dealing with this kind of stuff.
Would be great to see some of the farbot stuff in a juce module, or even include in into juce_core.

claudio stano

This lecture is great !! Thank you !!

Luke Palmer

The "every function must return" thing at 34:15 is dubious to me. Web servers written in C++ can be legally optimized to return 0? Also couldn't verify the claim after a little googling. Have a reference?

Luke Palmer

@Fabian Renn thanks Fabian, that's exactly what I was looking for. & Wouter for the clarification.


@Luke Palmer No, it was infinite loops that don't have any side effects that were optimized away. If your infinite loop does do something with clear side effects it won't be optimized away.

Luke Palmer

@Michael Dunajevsky No, I meant "every function must return" in the sense that infinite loops are not allowed.

Michael Dunajevsky

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