Fading Colours Lyrics

A lady with tempting eyes
Deceptive mirrors of paradise
She's been there from the start
Shooting arrows through your heart

Is it in your head
Or is she really there?

You are following her empty stare
Thou I warned you to beware
Her lovely eyes seem to be blind
But she can see what's in your mind
Is it in your head
Or is she really there?

Eveline is her name
And she's really not to blame
It was you who did wrong
Serves you right as you're alone

Hoping for her mercy
Waiting for her curse
Is it in your head
Or is she really there?

It's only blood on the floor
Flowing from your open veins
You know your blood is real
Eveline was her name

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Comments from YouTube:


You made me know them, they made me love them...


@Homoholic Thank you very much. Of course I agree with you, but we can't influence the taste of others....


That it can be as beautifully goth/electro/dark as any other country's....without the need for "kurwa" hahaha





Grzos Grzegorzynski

Polska grupa , tekst piosenki Tomasz Beksinski.

Adrian White

co wy kurwa wiecie o muzyce.z polski? pffffff

Adrian White

na euro zapier a nie....

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