Take the Fall
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Bastards Of Fine Arts Take The Fall (keating/mayone) I still can't remember whic…
Brendan James Forget about Norman Small town Rockwell Scenes of simple lif…
dark tea We can talk about the morning news We can talk about…
First State feat Relyk Were so high off the ground Loves a long way down Knees…
Frik 'N Krazy [ Verse 1 ] So many words (so many words) cnd a…
I Call Fives I've gotta leave this place But I've got nowhere to go I…
Iron Reagan It's too late there won't be a pardon tonight Won't be saved…
Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper It's too late there won't be a pardon tonight Won't be saved…
Lavengro Have you ever felt so lost But then you find her And…
Shoreline Monument She slipped the skeleton key to her heart in his…

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Left Behind Don't take away My only hope I know you left behind The worl…
My Curse Won't you come and take my pain away Come and take…

Tearing Me Down Turn another page This book that you made is a lie But…

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It's been 3 days. How ya doing?
Even if you fall, I hope you come back here every once in awhile and remember how you felt. Make goals. Small goals but attainable ones. it feels incredible to know you accomplished something, especially something you wouldntve been able to do a month, or year ago. Also, you have to stay busy!! That part is SO damn important.. early on,, boredom sucks, being sober sucks, responsibilities suck, shit, reality sucks! don't trust yourself to be alone all the time. If you have your family/ support system, take advantage of that. but stay busy as much as possible!
I hated doing IOP but because I had CPS in my life, I knew I had to. Knowing I had somewhere to be every morning and had to be accountable, being drug tested so often, played a huge role in my early recovery. Little at a time I started doing my hair and make up, dressing nicer.. self esteem/ lack os self love is a huge issue of mine, still. So looking nicer, gave me hope.
Personally, NA wasn't for me. I tried dozens of times but if that's what keeps people sober, I respect it. I just don't want to think, and talk about my addiction every single day. Many of their cliches are true. and While I don't have a "life beyond my wildest dreams" I can assure you, I didn't think I'd have come so far I gained my independence back and I think walking away from my relationship was harder than walking away from the drugs. (

I'm 4 years clean from dope. I got full custody of my daughter. my own apartment. A license.na decent car. a good credit score. no more warrants lol ect.. I have no family. I had to leave my ex of 7 yrs bc he wouldn't get sober it hurt like he'll sometimes it still hurts. and life is fucking hard a lot of the time.. but I'm doing it! Just me and my little girl against the world.
I know I talked all about me, I talk way too much anyway. And tend to be selfish in some ways. I still have a lot of work to do on myself... a lot. but one thing I hope you take away from. all this rambling, don't make life any harder on yourself, than it already has to be. I can't believe 5 years of my life was wasted and its you don't even notice until the time is already gone and you're playing catch up.
You need to believe in you
I don't know you, but I wanna see you succeed! I want you to come back in a month and update us and so on, until eventually you'll have 4 years like I do. 💜💜💜

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this video is meant to encourage everyone who has hit rock bottom and cried from the depths of their souls. its also to encourage overcoming obstacles. I love y'all so much for sharing this and making it what it is....with out y'all we wouldn't be anything at all!!!!!


Jelly Roll your music has always hit close to home.. You n struggle make a badass team. ✌


Y'all keep my head up with husband in Big Sandy, no fam few friends but how easy to watch "so true so loyal friends n fam" forget about a mofo & his!
#RealStories #RealMusic #313LovesYall


Thank you Jelly and Struggle. Beautiful music with a bad ass Video. Nicely done.


Jelly Roll send me all of your CDs 8834 West State Road 244 Waldron Indiana 46182 Porky Wayne come on jellyroll help out fat fucker up inspiration to lose weight and all holy mother f***


Floyd Sinclair
Or you could help each other out and BUY his CDs.
He gets a little money and you get your "Inspiration"..

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"I forgive them, because even demons need a prayer." As a Christian who thinks he knows the Word, I can take lessons from you Jelly roll.


I agree some of the realist shit he has said “ even demons need a prayer “ that’s deep af


I think that we all need a prayer


I saw you yesterday at Darien Lake. I lost my parents young and darkness took over. I was an alcoholic and ended up in prison. This song gets me every time and you crushed it. Yesterday was so amazing. All 21,000 of us felt the love and I definitely felt some healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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