Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Fantômas Lyrics

It's either you or them, you or them, It's either you or them, you or them
Them or you, you or them, Them or you, you or them

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Just met Michael Rooker and quoted this line from Henry. He laughed and said "thank you my brother!" ;) Life complete.

Todd S. Gallows

"Open your eyes, Otis! Look at the world... It's either you our them. You know what I mean..."

justin brown

Hair raising, this song and the film. Monsters are real.

Colby Bogue

Purely epic

L.C Larsen

soo dark and filled with beauty..!!!


It's either you or them.


what do you mean ?


You know what I'm talking about Otis.It's either you,or them.

david hatred

them or you?



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