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Anyone who was born before the year 2000 would have heard of a game called RollCage.

Here is my story of how I came across this song and what the game is :

Back in 1997, my big brother who, at the time before he was hip deep in RPG games had this game, called RollCage.
RollCage is a game that feautured you, a racing driver, in a competition against opposition who drove the same kind of vehicle, each with their various modifications (sadly, if I recall from memory, I don't think you was able to modify your vehicle)
to their vehicles, increasing their speed, acceleration, handling, grip, etc.
The type of vehicles were a strange type of car, that had wheels bigger than the height of the car, with a cockpit that was able to "swivel", thus being able to drive upside down as well as normally.
They also seemed to have jet engines or some kind of electric jet that left trails behind them.
There was also power-ups like in Wip3out and BLUR.
I happened to have asked my big brother for a go on RollCage, he knew I loved cars, so I was allowed to play it on his Playstation X (a bulkier variant of the Playstation 1)

Then I came across this song.

Once I was addicted to this song, I would play this over and over again, even when I lost my race, blowing up all of the other racers at opportunity.

Oh, did I forget to mention that there was various environments based off of other planets and our environments?

Volcanoes, Moons, Tundras, Snowlands, Deserts, Forests, Jungles, you name it, back in the day, they were there to stay, the developers were creative, no one else seems to have ideas like this nowadays, mainly because their games don't get looked at and people prefer realism over arcadey-ish games that have imagination to back them up.

Wip3out reminded me of this game, Blur was the biggest reminder of all however, the use of power-ups was reminiscent of this game and quite frankly, i'm very glad of this.

How much I have missed RollCage and this song because of that, and i'm stuck with playing games like Forza, World of Tanks (actually suprised that this game hasn't been remade o.o)

So, thank you RollCage for showing what imagination and creativity can do (I also have you to thank as well, Fatboy Slim.)

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Benoit Schwob

2020. That whole album is more than 20 years old. It still gets me jumping and dancing and bouncing hours and hours.


2022 45 yrs old and still grooving to this tune


Now is freaking 2022, and this album is still great.


@Stefan Fritsche Bruh i still credit that game with shaping my taste in music.

Stefan Fritsche

I loves this Song so much as i Player Rollcage in PS One 😭😭😭

Rancid Milk

It's just that good

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Soya Ergar

"So Few Words" - Archive (1996; synth intro)
"Contempo Strings #5" - Robert Ascot (1970; strings)
"Shack Up" - Banbarra (1975; drums at 1:01)
"Outsider (Lunatic Calm Mix)" - Definition of Sound (1997; drums and vocals at 1:01)
"Out Of Hand" - Bassbin Twins (1997; drums at 1:46)
"Excuse Me (Breakbeat Mix)" - House Empire (1997; drums at 3:59)
The third and fourth ones appear to blend in.

RunIt Back

Is this on the album credits?

Owen Davies

Had this tune stuck in my head for 20 years.


This album was ahead of its time. Still sounds good now. A lot of dance music back in the 90s sounded kinda low-quality but Fatboy Slim was a pioneer.

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