Slow Dance
Father Lyrics

Gold teeth, 40 OE and a bitch to come hold me
Bands on me, hand on knees , strip tease, strip tease
I ain't throwing ones or fives I'm throwing twenties

Tainted love that clit to anus love
Fucked off the dankest drugs
Fell in love with the plug
Pink nipps, kink shit
Nigga swing swips
Cunnilingus count cunt. Cuntalingus
Until the brink just to see how close it brings us
Cheeks flush, lovely how the love sick seek less
Romance, slow dance, no pants on the wall
glo' stance, while she do it with no hands

I can't teach you how to slow dance
But I can help you out of those pants
Lemme she you dance how them hoes dance
Tell your friends its been a change of plans

I can't teach you how to slow dance

Left to right your body wobbling
Do what you want like no ones watching

Yeah, ey

I can't teach you how to slow dance

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Written by: Centel Magnum

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Comments from YouTube:

Alexis Smith

I feel like the song is saying he doesn't know how to love someone and be romantic

tim watson

I feel like he can love, but it seems to me he talking about hoe ( some hoe's can be loved😂😅 ) n we know how hoe's rocc just not gone tolerate shit tho( some of her shit😁)

Alejandro Aquiningoc

Such a chill beat !

maria guerrero

i need this dedicated to me at prom next year.



Bryan Sanchez

2015 was a great year




I miss the good ol times


why does this make me so sad

cosmic return

cus u cant teach me how to slow dance

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