Fatty Koo Lyrics

Its Friday night, hittin the club with my girls tonight.
I'm hangin out with my girls tonight. Tamika, Ranisha, Shaniqua, Alicia, Myesha, Aylisha, Janelle, Shanelle, Danielle, Michelle, Rochelle, Anelle.
Leave your troubles at the door. y'all know what you came here for.
Tell your friend to come along (Okay). My crew, your crew, we can get it on. and wear that little thing I like, you know, a thong. I wanna see you bounce & shake it all night long. Baby, leave your digits on the dresser. I'll call you.
Sure you will, Yeah, whatever.
Okay I'll have it your way. It's all right with me, so what's it gonna be?

Ladies, open up a bottle of cris, and make your man lose it. you ain't gotta hurt nobody, shake it on the floor. Let him know that you want some more. Fellas,, if you know your game is tight, you'll be leavin with a lady tonight. take her home and lay down the pipe and make this night lasst forever. do whay ya gotta do to the music. take yourself and lose your mind to the music. let these brothers know you know how to move it. don't procrastinate, get right to it. 'cause if you know what it is then the games's on, sky's the limit, baby girl, you got on and on. too hot in here, I wanna take my clothes off. (take my clothes off)

Body goin through convulsions like you on crack. yeah, baby you can dance but your game is wack the way I work it on the floor I know like that. I'm with my crew fatty koo and you know where I'm at and maybe I can take your cell but I won't hit you back come get with me you feel you won't but still you wanna. for me the night is goin just how it's supposed ta, it make me kinda wanna get a little closer


you wan com test me? my style's too sweet, he can't touch me. this lady's style spittin lovely. are you really ready for this jelly? ya like it when we do it right here. tell your man com chill right here, while the models take down their hair. strike a pose and step right there. ya wonder how I walks in these jean. there's room for two in these jeans. lookin so fresh and so clean. I talk slick... you don't have to call, I'm a be okay. said I'm chillin with my girls tonight, so it's gonna be all right. I said it's gonna be all right.



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