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Dür Michelint
Faxed Head Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Faxed Head:

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Deathly Peace Deathly Peace Pills, pills, dreaded pills Spread for all t…
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Boots Langley

hey Bud,
great informative video. I've turned a wrench for 50 + years, on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV and now eBikes.

Note; Did I mention Outboard Boat Motors. Well, since (as a kid), I had a GIANT FAIL concerning a certain boat motor and a Brass "Speed" Prop (that I saved for months to buy) I SWEAR I "tightened" ( really, it was Real TIGHT) let's "SOB", move on. BTW, since when is a cotter pin all that important. Don't ask!!!!!!!!!!

That was a very informative video and it had many bits of info I already know.
BUT, you also added info I didn't know.
That was refreshing, and just shows that no matter your experience (BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand), there's always something you can still learn.
Now finally, and most important, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!! :-)
I Need one.
Thanks in advance.
Ride/drive/build safe and have fun.
Boots (don't call me Ringo) Langley
La Mesa, ca

TK Skagen

I'll be honest, I have ALWAYS wanted to see the INTERNALS of a "Click Style" Torque Wrench.

How could the standard "Shadetree Mechanic" VERIFY/CALIBRATE their Click Type Torque Wrench?

I'm NOT looking to spend $25+ to have a Tool Truck do this for me...

Many THANKS for sharing this video!

Take care,
🤓 -Thomas
Western Washington State
Seattle,Washington Area

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And that is what i called "a proffesional explaination of the subject ".

Jim Clarke

Yes very professional

Tracer Loenan

For me, this was a great refresher course that anyone should be able to understand. As always, Exceptional Job and Thank You.

Pawan Lalwani

the best informative DIY video i have seen in a while.
thanks alot
do more of these

adam jam

I love this . Do more of this .

Farm Alarm

Bonus footage: a 24 inch pipe, slipped on the handle of a China made 3/8 ratchet with a 3/8 to 1/2 adapter is Not a torque wrench. LOL
Great video!


Cheater bar

Farm Alarm

@RC Hobbyist Extreme ouch!

RC Hobbyist Extreme

THAT my friend is a home made breaker bar AKA knuckle buster.

David Baldwin

can you please comment on those different colored torque sticks to use with an impact wrench. thanks

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