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Faxed Head Lyrics

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Missed the live stream but watched the first hour of this, interesting idea George. I don't know if you have come across it's a plugin as you describe that links into Google results.

The main goal is to make things you have seen before easier to find again and share with friends. It also sends out reading list emails so you can go back and read saved items. This was the platform I moved too after Kifi was acquired and killed by Google. It was a great bookmark replacement tool and search engine for building lists.

I believe search engines replacements have been tried in the past and what would stop you from being acquired and shut down or simply pushed out of the competition by these giants?

Keep dreaming and building. I'm sure you would be interested in a new website by Jason that aims to answer complicated topics in a scientific manner.


Youtube isnt the best place for this, but it will have to do.

Another user had linked this meta-analysis (;year=2020;volume=64;issue=6;spage=192;epage=200;aulast=Aggarwal#ref19) that analyzed studies on masks; there were a couple more meta-analyses linked too, but I only had time to go through one. It could be an interesting stream dissecting this meta-analysis and the others in further detail.

I numbered all studies in the above linked meta-analysis in order top to bottom summarizing the results and limitations (see table 1 for the study's own summary). I also added my conclusion to each which resulted in considering 1/9 studies and ignoring the others due to reasons mentioned below (ranging from low adherence to ineffective control groups to low power).

While the conclusion of the meta-analysis states no effect of masks were seen; it needs to be put into context. 8/9 of these studies are flawed by there own admission. Low adherence (mask-use compliance) was the main flaw among these. Simply put, a mask that is not used it obviously not effective, so I fail to see the significance of putting any weight to these studies.

The one study that had the least concerning limitations was #2. It concludes that no cumulative effect from any intervention arm (mask, mask/hand), but there was a significant reduction in rate of ILI 3-6 weeks in the mask/hand arm. However this was not seen in the mask only group, so it's possible this effect was from hand washing alone. From this, we could conclude that hand washing is good and masks are at a minimum neutral.

All I think this really says is that we need more research and anyone claiming either side of the argument should not be so set in their side.

"Hand" refers to hand hygiene like washing with soap or using sanitizer
"Mask" refers to triple layered medical/surgical masks (only #7 used a mask similar to N95 in addition to a surgical mask)
Feel free to point any flaws/biases

- Result: masks/hand showed no cumulative effect, however showed significant reduction in 4-6 weeks
- Limitations:
- no data on adherence
- 25% of cases not laboratory tested
- My Conclusion: Ignore due to no adherence data. If we are uncertain how often and how well masks were used, we cant conclude effectiveness. Curious about the short term reduction vs no cumulative reduction and it's relation to compliance

- Result: masks/hand washing showed no cumulative effect, however showed significant reduction in 3-6 weeks.
- Limitations:
- masks only worn in residence hall and transmission may have occurred outside
- protective effect may have been from hand hygiene as it was not significant for mask use alone
- My Conclusion: Consider because of good adherence (this study is by the same group as #1, it seems they improved on the limitation of the first). At a minimum, hand hygiene is effective; I would label masks as beneficial in the short term and neutral in the long term according to this study.

- Result: no significant difference between mask and control
- Limitations:
- low power (38%) due to trial ending early
- My Conclusion: Ignore due to low power. Study itself states they cant conclude th effectiveness of masks due to this ("As a consequence of the lack of power, the lower bound of the 95% confidence interval of the multivariate adjusted odds-ratio was 0.44 meaning that we cannot formally exclude that our trial could have missed a substantial face masks effectiveness; i.e. a relative reduction of the ILI attack rate of up to 56%."). I thought the study design was particularly relevant since it focuses on source control (only required index cases to wear masks); it's unfortunate it has low power.

- Result: no significant difference between mask and control
- Limitations:
- low adherence (45% in index cases and 21% in contacts)
- My Conclusion: Ignore due to low adherence. A mask that is only used 45% of the time by subjects with an infection isn't useful

- Result: no significant difference in three arms (hand, mask/hand, control) and significant difference if masks and hand washing used within 36h of illness onset in index case
- Limitations:
- time lag between symptom onset and variable adherence (use of hand washing or mask/washing) may have mitigated intervention (hand washing or mask/washing) effectiveness
- some subjects in control and hand only also used masks (unstated compliance it meta study)
- My Conclusion: Ignore due use of masks in the the non-mask arms

- Result: no significant difference in rates among three arms (hand, mask/hand, control) and significant difference in in rate of transmission among mask/hand
- Limitations:
- under-reporting of cases
- low adherence for mask/hand arm
- My Conclusion: Ignore due to under-reporting of cases and low adherence

- Result: no significant difference among arms (surgical mask, N95 LIKE mask, control)
- Limitations:
- 21% adherence in self-reported mask groups
- My Conclusion: Ignore due to low adherence

- Result: no significant difference among arms (hand, mask/hand, control) and significant increase in odds of infections for hands/mask (ie appositive of expected result of this being protective)
- Limitations:
- possible exposure out of house
- poor adherence to interventions (hand, mask/hand, control)
- 2009 H1N1 pandemic caused increase in hand/mask use among control arm (4%-52% among index cases and 17-67% among families)
- sensitization bias: intervention arms may have been more likely to report perceived symptoms (fever w/ cough or sore throat) than control arm
- My Conclusion: Ignore due to low adherence and use of masks in non-mask arms

- Result: no significant difference in ILI rates in arms (mask/hand, control)
- Limitations:
- 50% adherence to mask use
- My Conclusion: Ignore to to low adherence


@WhyGoThere No where else, just reviewed w/ notes.

As for the other two meta-analyses(didnt review in as much depth, might be more to each study):

Second Meta-Analysis (
- Result: no difference between surgical mask and N95 mask for ILIs
- Limitations:
- Number of community studies were small possibly making this subgroup analysis unreliable (community in terms of non-hospital setting)
- My Conclusion: Ignore because his study summarizes surgical mask vs N95 (not mask vs no mask). The community and hospital results showed similar outcomes, so the limitation does raise any major concern. The analysis notes compliance may have explained the little difference ("The reason for the similar effects on preventing influenza for the use of N95 respirators versus surgical masks may be related to low compliance to N95 respirators wear, which may lead to more frequent doffing compared with surgical masks")

Third Meta-Analysis (
- Result: no significant difference between N95 respirators and surgical masks for acute respiratory infections
- My Conclusion: Ignore due to studies own admission ("However, wide 95% CIs from our meta-analysis must be interpreted as insufficient evidence to determine whether there is a clinically significant difference. Findings from the surrogate exposure studies suggest that N95 respirators are superior to surgical masks for filter penetration, face-seal leakage and total inward leakage under laboratory conditions.) Also notes possible effect of compliance ("N95 respirators are often considered uncomfortable for regular use, and improper wearing or adjustment of the respirator because of discomfort could lead to inadvertent face contamination, thus negating the potential protective benefit."). Finally, the conclusion ("Although N95 respirators appeared to have a protective advantage over surgical masks in laboratory settings, our meta-analysis showed that there were insufficient data to determine definitively whether N95 respirators are superior to surgical masks in protecting health care workers against transmissible acute respiratory infections in clinical settings."). Also should add that this is again surgical vs N95 (not mask vs no mask) and I didn't not the limitations since the conclusion is clear.

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Regarding Iceland check constantly, there was talks of mandatory quarantine period again

zhijun lin


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Keep being real mate. You're a unique, interesting, and intelligent voice out there, amidst a sea of cringe.


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@Dan Kerr Guys who say 'cringe' should die

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