Feint Leah Rye Lyrics

Who knows about the wind that′s coming for us
About the flames turning to fire
About the whispers that we hear
Oh together
We should stay together

And we're taking a road that′s been given
We're taking the best we can find
I'm leaving what I won′t be missing
We′re leaving these stories behind, oh
And we wait till the weather gets better
We wait on the love 'cause i know
My heart will follow you

Without you
I′m lost
Without you
I'm lost

(Without you)

Who knows if I am all that you remember
I know (I know) I loved you more than I have ever
We know (we know) that we′ve been seeing stars together
Those stars together

Without you
I'm lost
Without you
I′m lost

(Without you)

Oh we've been seeing stars together (Ah)
I just know we are forever (Ah)
I just know we are forever

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Comments from YouTube:


the vocals are so creative and actually really well sang, obviously the rest is all amazing i mean its feint what did you expect, really love it <3


Her voice reminds me of Delilah, I wonder what's she's up to


My man should just do some DnB with a whole orchestra already please


i just hope they do it all simulated as well cause id be crying for the drummer 😄


just like C&K


It’s crazy feint is still making bangers <3


thank you<3


Hearing this insane track, with my newborn daughter in my arms, gave me goosebumps. Thanks for making this great moment even better.


@Feint Thank you so much❤️


congratulations <3

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