Don't Worry About My Mouth O
Fela Kuti Lyrics


Don't worry about my mouth o
I dey use chewing stick every morning
You see, I know what I'm talking about
As an African man, na so I dey use am
Chewing stick every morning
Toilet toothpaste, toothpaste?
No oo!
Chewing stick wey my forefathers teach me for Africa
Go wash all the corner corner toothpaste, (chuckles)
See as my mouth go make nyama nyama!
Too sweet
Chewing stick? Hmm
Strong, my teeth dey strong gaan.
No oh! My African for Father's teach me sense shaaa!

Don't worry about my nyash ooh!
I dey use water to clean my nyash when I shit finish
Yes, I dey use water because anytime wey I use
Toilet paper, my nyash still dey smell, ahhhhh
My fore Father's teach me for Africaaaa the correct way

Don't worry about my dressing oh
We dey wear different different dress for Africa before Bible show
Yes! We dey wear am
Africa before Bible show,
I dey talk to you gaan,
I know about history,
No be the history wey we dey read for all this yeye school oh,
Wey you dey read now
I dey talk of history wey we never see before,
Wey we for read for our school now
Wey me I don read,
Ahh we don wear this thing oh
Look guba, look shokosho
Una say na shirt and trouser na fashion chang am.

Don't worry about my mouth oh
I dey use chewing stick every morning,
Because dirty mouth, cannot talk clean thing
Now, for all the things wey I don dey talk, check out
Go and read a book
The black man of the Nile
By ben y Jochannan,
And many other books too, find out!



Writer(s): Fela Kuti

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