Fear Not For Man
Fela Kuti Lyrics

Brothers and sisters
The father of Pan-Africanism
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
Says to all black people
All over the world:
"The secret of life is to have no fear"
We all have to understand that

I be man, I be man!

I am a man
I am a man, yes

Run run run, I no go run!

Run run, I no go run
Brothers and sisters

Na goat dey run, na man dey stand!

Na goat dey run, yes
Na man dey stand, yes

Writer(s): Kuti Fela Anikulapo Copyright: Fko Music

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Comments from YouTube:

RaeRae Jeru

Sampled by Mos Def aka Yasin Bey on his album Black on both sides. Unbelievable! I've had Mos' album since 1999 when it first dropped and never in my wildest thoughts did I know he was sampling music from my native country! Well at least I've finally found out...21 years later!..Wow

Bryden Whiting

Mos Def is a G. One of the all-time greats. That explains why black on both sides was so good.

Akua Salaam

Me neither... My face just fell off!!!!!

Thato Keepile

Yes sir

DJ Flip-U

Respect to 9ja!

Adecoal Wear Studio

Much love for Fela, STRAIGHT FROM Africa-Mozambique.
Fela is a therapy.


WOW!!!!! It ends too soon,......they could jam forever in this groove!!!

T Smith

Right?! Forever and an eon.


How I wish today's AFRIKAN musicians were as liberated & fearless as King Fela. Soweto loves you. #LongLiveAnikulapo!


Fela did accomplished his call to this world musically, it's now your duty to find all his tracks.

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